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#110070 by shacky4
Mon May 20, 2013 4:57 am
I have been using Ooma Telo for several months now and am very happy. My old router would need occasional restarts for wireless connectivity and was a few years old so I decided to replace it with what I perceived to be about the best out there, the Apple Airport Extreme. I am having some problems, here is my setup.

Cable modem to Ooma. Ooma to Airport Extreme, Airport Extreme ethernet cables to two computers and to an additional wireless router (Linksys) in a distant part of the house. The Linksys and the Airport both have the same ssid and I want the Airport to distribute the ip addresses. The Linksys is set to be bridge.

I believe that some of the problems come from the Airport using as the beginning ip. When I set it to distribute a range of ip addresses, it reports problems, including; No DNS Servers, Router Address, DHCP Beginning Address, DHCP Ending Address, and subnet mask. Whew! That's a lot of problems!

Can anybody please walk me through who to set this up?
#110835 by neptune2000
Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:27 pm
I did nothing different than the 3 steps in the installation:

1. Plug the Ooma Internet into one of the wired connectors on the back of the AirPort Extreme
2. Plug the phone cable from my phone base station into the ooma
3. Power up the ooma

Waited a while for a firmware update. 15 minutes later system was up and running and has been ever since.

Notice the extreme is connected with a cable modem from TWC. Tha AirPort Extreme is using the and provides DHCP service to over 20 devices in my home.
#110842 by rpiotro
Tue Jun 11, 2013 6:38 am
Since the Ooma is connected to the modem it is doing the NAT and DHCP. You are doing double NAT in your configuration. I say that is a no-no even though I will get dissent for that statement.

Simply put the Airport in "Bridge Mode". That is why that option is there.
#110868 by neptune2000
Tue Jun 11, 2013 6:39 pm
You are out to lunch dude. The Ooma telo is NOT a router: it does neither DHCP nor NAT. The Extreme IS a router and does both.

The recommended configuration is shown in the Ooma home page at:

Look in the middle where is says how Ooma WORKS. Quoting VERBATIM STEP 2 of the Ooma Telo setup instructions:

"STEP 2: Connect to your router. Using the Included Ethernet cable connect the TO INTERNET port of the Telo to an open internet port of your router"

The configuration for Apple Extreme (and any other similar wireless router) is as follows:

Internet <---> Cable Modem <---> Apple Extreme [open port] <--> [TO INTERNET] Ooma Tel [PHONE] <--> Home Phone

The Ooma TO INTERNET port on the Telo goes to one of the 3 rightmost ports on the back of the Apple Extreme.

There is no Double NAT because only the Extreme is performing NAT functions for all the wired and wireless devices. The Ooma Telo is just one of the 3 "wired" devices on the back of the Airport Extreme. The Extreme assigns all the internal IP addresses using DHCP. Noone else on the network performs DHCP or NAT. If you are in need of additional wireless reach, you can use an additional Airport Extreme (or other router) but it needs to be put in bridge mode. I have one additional Airport Extreme and an additional Airport Express, both in bridge mode (they "extend the network" in Apple lingo), that let my network reach every room in my house.

From your reply, you clearly have no idea which devices actually do NAT and DHCP.
#110932 by rpiotro
Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:13 pm
neptune2000 wrote:You are out to lunch dude. The Ooma telo is NOT a router: it does neither DHCP nor NAT....

What! I think you need to check again. You are sooooo wrong Dude. Looking at the instructions I do not see where it says connect to your router. It say connect to your high speed internet. I own both and the Ooma is connected to my cable modem happily routing from my public IP address and acting as a DHCP server. The airport extreme is indeed in bridged mode dude. I have been doing IT since you were still crapping your pants dude (1981) if you were even born then..

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