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#107747 by EX Bell
Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:45 pm
Hi Guys,

I recently installed a Telo for a client in a condo building. He was previously on Rogers (Cable) Home Phone which was connected to a single jack behind a panel in a closet of his condo unit. This meant that he was not connected to the local carrier's POTS, so that was a good start for Telo. When we removed the Rogers phone box and connected a Telo on another jack in his unit, the Telo worked on every phone in the unit, but the building entry intercom did not.

My client said he contacted Ooma and they told him the Telo was incompatible with his building's entry system. I'm just putting this out here to let anyone in this situation know that the information he received from Ooma is only half correct. It is true that the Telo cannot support an entry system by itself, but with one of these little boxes from Sittelle [Link] incorporated, it works perfectly.

In my client's case, the problem was that the Building Entry Intercom connection went to only the Black & Yellow Line 2 terminals at the plug in the closet where his Rogers Home Phone box had previously resided and the other wall jacks in the unit did not have the Black & Yellow wires connected (quite common). While there were several possible solutions, including a dedicated phone just for intercom connected at the jack in the closet, the simplest solution, which did not require an additional phone or moving the Telo, was to attach all of the condo unit's second line wires (Black & Yellow) to the intercom wires where they terminated in the closet, an then just connect the Black & Yellow wires at the jack in the room where he wanted Ooma. The #3 jack of the Sittelle box is then connected to the wall jack where I connected the Black and Yellow Line 2 wires, the Ooma connects to the #1 jack of the Sittelle box, and the desk phone my client had next to his Ooma connects to the middle #2 jack of the Sittelle box.

Works perfectly. When the Building Intercom calls his unit number, all phones ring, and the Ooma sends its dial-tone to all phones in the unit as normal without risk of damage due to a voltage from the intercom. So if you're thinking Ooma can't work if you have a building entry intercom or you've been told it's not possible by Ooma or anyone else, then you've been misinformed. It is completely possible to have Ooma and ring all phones in the unit when someone wants entry, as long as you have a Sittelle box (or equivalent) and the proper wiring where you connect the Sittelle box to the Telo.
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#112359 by WJMalan
Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:15 pm
I am not a telco pro or electrician. I can't find where to buy this on the Internet. Do you know where these can be purchased, and what kind of skillset is required? I would not know where to start calling. Thanks.
#112361 by murphy
Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:45 pm
WJMalan wrote:I am not a telco pro or electrician. I can't find where to buy this on the Internet. Do you know where these can be purchased, and what kind of skillset is required? I would not know where to start calling. Thanks.

Click on the link that was provided in the first message.
#112386 by EX Bell
Thu Aug 08, 2013 7:08 am
lbmofo wrote:Great info. How did the entry system work when this person had Rogers (cable)?

Sorry for the late reply lbmofo. The Rogers phone system used the Sittelle box as well, but since the Rogers VoIP box is more like a Vonage box with no buttons or speaker than an Ooma Telo, it was installed in the closet where the wiring from the entry system entered the condo unit. I needed to connect up the other pair of wires from the entry system to the black and yellow terminals of jack where the Ooma Telo was installed to get the Sittelle adapter to work with Ooma.
#112607 by WJMalan
Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:35 pm
Still no luck trying to get hold of a Sittelle IV6000. I went to the Vetco site, and tried to order it online. Their system wasn't working. So I called Vetco, and the guy said they had some on consignment but they were returned for upgrade. I also tried Arris, listed on Sittelle's site as a distributor, but no luck as of yet.

The guy at Vetco said he was going to check the warehouse and see if they had one remaining and took my number, but as of yet has not called me back. Anyone else sell these things or a product that performs the same function - interface an intercom to VOIP.

#112611 by EX Bell
Thu Aug 15, 2013 3:22 pm
Try ordering it from these guys.

They have US locations and even if they don't have the product in a US warehouse, maybe they can order it from the Canadian Office in Burlington, Ontario. That way, you might be able to avoid import duty.

If you can't get it from them, try contacting Sittelle directly and ask them what they can do for you. Maybe they can send you a "Sample". I've had manufactures do that for me on occasion when I couldn't get their part from anywhere else.

I know there's another company I've seen then makes a similar product, but I can't remember their name and I can't vouch for them. This one works, and it works well. Rogers and Bell use it with all of their VoIP installations where there's an intercom system.
#117795 by mlozeau
Thu Mar 06, 2014 11:28 am
I recently moved into an appartment in Montreal and I have the same issue. The previous owner was using Videotron (a cable provider like Rogers) who had modified the wiring of the appartment so that he could answer the intercom from all of his voip phones. As a result my intercom is not functional when I plug any phone in any outlet, and my Telo,is entirely independent from the wiring. I need help to resolve this asap as I will quickly get tired of running down the stairs to open the door to my visitors. If anybody knkows a Montreal based technician who would understand this black and yellow wires stuff to help me, I would gladly hire him to fix this..

Many thanks

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