Info request: ActionTec M1000 DSL modem configuration

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Info request: ActionTec M1000 DSL modem configuration

Post by endorice » Thu May 07, 2009 6:57 pm

I'm an existing (and happy) ooma user, and I have a co-worker who is closing to getting the system as well. He has a question that I'm posting on his behalf:
I have QWest DSL which comes with the ActionTec M1000 DSL modem. It includes QoS settings but very poor documentation. I don't want to configure my network to go through the Ooma (mostly due to physical location limitations) so I want to put my Ooma on my LAN and use my router to give Ooma adequate priority over all other forms of traffic. Does anyone know how to properly configure the M1000?
I searched for any VoIP configuration for the M1000 and everything I found online points to using the VoIP device to manage IP traffic priority. That isn't a good option in my situation. I have a solution in the works, but it's going to take a while until I get there, so I'm hoping for a temp solution using the M1000.
Does anyone had information on this modem? Thanks!

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Re: Info request: ActionTec M1000 DSL modem configuration

Post by WayneDsr » Thu May 07, 2009 7:10 pm

Sorry I can't help you with this router, but in the meantime:

Have you tried ooma on this setup? Sometimes you needn't have to change anything and ooma will work just fine. If you have a lot of pc traffic, or small bandwidth you may need to, but most of the time placing ooma behind the router (as a pc) requires no adjustments.


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