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#105434 by sengsational
Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:00 pm
I have my Ooma device doing DHCP now, and name resolution quit working when I switched over.

In other words "\\dadscomputer\dadsfolder" used to work, but now I need to type "\\\dadsfolder".

So when my cable modem was handling DHCP, etc, all the Windows machines were able to use the machine names. Now that the Ooma is handling it, we're not getting IP name resolution.

No configuration has changed on the machine (I think it's lmhosts that handles this, and it's still running, as usual).

I also noticed that in "ipconfig /all", that "Connection-specific DNS Suffix" is blank. Seems like my cable modem used to put something in there.

How can I get name resolution working again?
#106019 by sengsational
Sat Feb 02, 2013 6:44 am
lbmofo wrote:Don't connect anything to the Ooma "Home Network" port.

Thanks for the reply. I had actually read it right after you wrote it, thought I'd act on it, but then I decided against it, at least for now.

I need this phone service to be the best it can be, especially early here in it's life at our house; the boss has expressed skeptisim and is looking for the smallest reason to go back to copper.

So for those reasons, I thought (maybe incorrectly), that doing a "modem > Telo > router > all other devices" would be best. It just seemed to me that the Telo could handle the prioritization of traffic and voice packets wouldn't get stuck behind some big packets video packets or something.

Is this appropriate thinking with respect to QoS?

I'd rather push out hosts files to all my machines and go with static IP's than to give up any quality on the voice calls. But of course the "right" solution would be for the Telo to manage name resolution properly, hehe.

#106020 by WayneDsr
Sat Feb 02, 2013 7:00 am
I've always had my Ooma hub and Telo attached to the router. I have 6 down and 1 up and I can easily carry on 2 conversations without issue, even with network traffic. Most routers have a QOS setting or at least a setting that can prioritize the Telo's IP or Mac address. If not, I still think modem/router/ooma is the way to go.


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