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#103665 by piperpilot12w
Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:13 pm
No one gave an answer to my question, so I called Ooma support. They said since the internet is through another provider, it's fine to port the number and cancel phone service. I did this and was left with no internet service and no Ooma on the day the number ported!

Turns out that my internet provider (DSL EXtreme) isn't able to provide internet service unless there is active phone service through ATT. Ooma seemed surprised by this and wasn't familiar with my internet provider. I'm left with a huge mess and no internet and no phone service. After spending lots of time with Ooma, DSL Extreme, and ATT to sort this out. I have arranged for internet service only to be provided by ATT, but in the meantime I'm without Ooma phone service or internet until the ATT internet is activated. I'm not to thrilled about going through ATT for internet because for the same speed DSL, I will be charged $15 a month more than I was paying through DSL Extreme. The whole purpose of switching phone service to Ooma was to save money, but the savings won't be as much as I hoped, since internet costs have increased.

For anyone in a similar situation take note of my experience and proceed with caution. If I were to do it over I should have called my internet provider (DSL Extreme) to see if there would be any issues disconnecting phone service from ATT and porting the number.

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