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#102621 by playsccr
Wed Oct 31, 2012 3:32 pm
lbmofo wrote:In phone preferences, you can create a private account for one of your Linxes and assign a number to it.

By doing so, whatever is connected to your Telo will ring separately than what's connected to your private Linx.

But if you leave the Linx in the main account (with Telo in the main account as well), whenever your numbers in the main account are called, all phones will ring. When dialing out though, your primary number on the main account will be the outgoing callerid. You can go around this on per call basis by using prefix **1 to show secondary number as outgoing callerid.

For the fax though, you probably want to create a private account for 1 Linx and assign your 3rd number to it. So that you can connect your fax to that Linx and your 3rd number would only ring your fax.

hi can you explain why I need 2 linx for the setup "leave the Linx in the main account (with Telo in the main account as well), whenever your numbers in the main account are called, all phones will ring"

i understand for the separate fax line there should be a separate linx but why for the 2 lines that i want to ring on all the phones?
#102638 by lbmofo
Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:55 pm
Even if you want 2 numbers to ring all your phones, you'd still need a Linx in order to make simultaneous calls. 2nd Linx is so that you can have a dedicated fax line.

If you make Linx a private account, the phones hooked up to Linx would ring only when the assigned number to the private account is called.

If you don't make Linx a private account, the phones connected to Telo "phone" port as well as the phones connected to the Linx would all ring when either primary or secondary number is called.

The reason you need a Linx is when you are on a call using one of the phones connected to the Telo "phone" port, you can pick up a phone connected to Linx and make a 2nd outgoing call (works the same way if Linx phone is busy; works for 2nd incoming call as well). For you, you'd need to feed Telo "phone" port to your 2-line phone's L1/2 and Linx "phone" port to L2.
#102646 by murphy
Thu Nov 01, 2012 1:35 am
You don't really need three numbers to do what you want.
With Premier you have "Instant second line" in addition to two phone numbers.
That saves you the monthly cost of a third phone number.

The Telo and a Linx, feeding your two line phones allows two simultaneous conversations using the first phone number.

The second linx would be put in a separate group with the second phone number. That would be connected to your FAX.

You make a call using line 1 of your two line phones. Someone else can pick up another two line phone and select line 2 and place a second call. Both of these calls will use the primary phone number. It works for making or receiving calls. I turn off call waiting because I don't want the beep in my ear on the first call when it is already ringing on the second line.

This is not new with the Telo. The older, now discontinued, Hub and Scout allowed the same configuration. A Hub and two Scouts is exactly equivalent to a Telo and two Linxs. The only difference is that Scouts connect to the Hub using wires while the Linxs connect to the Telo using 1.9 GHz radio.

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