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#99857 by Kelmscott
Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:24 pm
Hello, all. I hope you can help a confused newbie! :?

I currently have DSL and land line phone service with Verizon.

Tomorrow, I'm having internet service installed from my local cable company.

I just bought an Ooma device and I'd like to port my current Verizon land line home phone number to Ooma.

Then, once the number has been ported, I will disconnect my Verizon DSL and land line.

Here's where I'm confused: When I log on to the Ooma web site to see how the porting process works, I see that I need to select my internet type from the drop down menu.

Although I currently have Verizon DSL, I'll soon have cable. I won't be using Verizon DSL for my Ooma service, I'll be using my cable internet. However, I still need to get the number from Verizon's land line.

So, what should I do? Just go ahead and request the port from Verizon and continue as if I still have DSL with them (which I do)? Or, do I need to tell Ooma I'm going to use cable internet in the future?

Does any of this matter, or am I making this more complicated than it is?

I don't want to botch this up and lose the phone number, so I'm hoping you can shed some light on this for me.

Thanks so much, I appreciate it!
#99859 by murphy
Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:34 pm
Wait until the cable service is up and running (you did say it's tomorrow).
Activate Ooma and select a temporary phone number.
After that is working, then initiate the number port.
Completion of the port will automatically cancel your Verizon phone service and probably the DSL service also.
Do NOT cancel the Verizon service yourself before the port is completed or you risk losing the phone number.

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