New Installation Post Lightning Strike

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New Installation Post Lightning Strike

Post by eb29090 » Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:19 pm


An indirect lightning strike to the telephone line near my home took out my DSL filter (see smoke trace in photo), router, WiFi unit and two telephones. I decided to rebuild with Ooma Telo providing phone service to save future cost.

I plugged Ooma into a borrowed router/WiFi combo (Dlink Dir 655) and connected a wired phone to Ooma. Everything came up and worked without any issues. The sound quality on the phone was outstanding. I am currently waiting for my phone number to port over to Ooma and then I will complete the installation.

I have three questions that were not answered after a search of this forum.

1. I plan to find a UPS to provide back-up power to my network. Some UPS units have a filter to protect the DSL line (DSL from Century Link) from incoming voltage surges. My question: Will the UPS filter provide adequate protection from future lightning induced damage to my equipment or is there something more that I should do? Will the filter reduce the internet speed? I fully understand that a direct lightning strike will be catastrophic but are there any other things I can do to improve my odds ;)

2. Century Link installed a replacement phone/DSL splitter that is working OK. Question: Since I will only have DSL on the incoming line, should I pull the splitter out? Will the splitter provide some isolation from external voltage surges or will it just reduce signal strength and slow things down?

3. I am not network-savvy and prefer to keep Ooma post router because I read complex instructions for programming changes to Ooma required if it is installed in front of the router. My DSL should run about 12 Mbps and I think that will be sufficient to support clear calls and full internet use on my computers. My question: Aside from locking down the Mac address in Ooma, is there anything that I must do to achieve good call quality. I do not mind connecting a laptop directly to Ooma to adjust settings and do not worry about access from the internet to make adjustments.

I appreciate your advice. I don't know any network experts and cannot afford expensive options but I really do want to optimize my internet and phone performance - if I can do it myself.

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Current DSL and Phone Connection
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Re: New Installation Post Lightning Strike

Post by lbmofo » Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:34 pm

As for question 1 & 2, I'll leave to experts to answer.

For 3, Ooma after router setup. Just turn off the upload QoS setting in Ooma device and use built in MAC of Ooma device. While in the Ooma device setup, might as well do port 80 forward to Ooma's home port so you don't have to connect to the home port next time you want to get to Ooma device setup. In router, do static DHCP reservation for your Ooma and give your Ooma highest priority via router QoS. viewtopic.php?t=12403
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Re: New Installation Post Lightning Strike

Post by eb29090 » Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:50 pm

Thank you,

I will follow your recommendations to the letter!

Best regards,

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