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#98955 by skoehler
Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:39 am
Quick update -

I must've hit some sort of wrong key combo on my ADT keypad, as 41 had some weird 4 digit number in it, and 42 had just a 1 in it. Is it possible I accidentally hit something that set a bunch of settings to default, and if so is it possible I messed something else up? Anyways, I corrected the phone # in 41, and blanked out 42.

I'm on a work conf call and had chance to test just prior, and I was able to let it get through 6 dial attempts (according to Ooma logs) with 40 set to *70pause, and nothing is registered at ADT. I'm gonna go through the array of tests again with different settings under 40 and will report back.

Please advise if I should be concerned with having done some semi-permanent damage via programming slip up.
#98965 by murphy
Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:50 pm
If you had defaulted the panel (*97) or the subscriber ID (*96) 41 and 42 would both have been blank.
Since you had problems with 41 and 42 check 43 and 45 to make sure that your subscriber ID is still correct.
#98968 by skoehler
Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:34 pm
So I got the reading off 43 and 45. Don't know if I should post them in an open forum, but they're both the same 4 digit number that begins with a 5. I couldn't find a reference to this number on, and when I called ADT they had no idea what this number should be. How do I tell if it's right or where can I find it elsewhere? I just noticed my installer marked on the front of a manual a Hxx xxx yyyy number, where yyyy is the number I found programmed in 43 and 45.

Below is an image with the results of my last tests, using different combinations of entries for 40. Not one appears to have gone through to ADT, and I lied about the one earlier having gone through - I mistook my disabling my alarm through as my test going through. I've actually yet to get a single test signal to reach ADT.

I'm about to go buy a DSL line filter to see if that helps, given that I don't have much else to test at the moment.

As usual, thanks in advance for any guidance.
#98973 by murphy
Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:54 pm
The number beginning with H is your panel ID number.
The last 4 digits of the panel ID number are your subscriber ID number.
It's how ADT knows who is calling them.
#98976 by skoehler
Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:34 pm
The panel doesn't appear to have an H number anywhere. However, the original installer of about 2 years ago wrote a number on the front of the user manual I found in the wire panel in the format of Hxx xxx xxxx, where the last 4 xxxx in that number match register 43 and 45.

To verify if I screwed any programming up, I happen to have a long spool of phone wire and was able to run long phone cord to neighbor's land line phone jack, and connected it to 23 and 24. Verified dial tone on phone I had connected before off 21 and 22. Cleared register 40. Sent test alarm once, and it reached ADT with no issue.

I don't get what ADT hates so much about my Ooma.....
#98979 by skoehler
Fri Aug 10, 2012 6:01 pm
So current scoop is, I can't get *99, *98, *96, *70, or blank to work for register 40. I tested with and without a DSL line filter hanging off the Ooma device. See my image URL below to see what I hope are simplified test results. And again, I did run a cord over to neighbor's land line and hooked to 23 and 24 and got a call to go through to ADT with 40 set blank on 1st attempt.

I dunno if I'm reaching point where I have to go cell connect, but I'd really like to route through Ooma if possible....

To clarify I'm programming register 40 correctly, I:
- Punch in installer code, then 800. A "20" appears on panel
- From here I can punch in #xx for whatever number to see the setting
- When I set register 40, for say *70pause, I punch in this exact sequence of keys: *40 #11 70 #13 *
- When I hit #40 to read it back, it flashes 11 07 00 13
- I then hit *99 to exit programming

Only other noteworthy thing is line from Ooma to ADT panel is probably 75-100 ft. Would line distance make a difference here?
#98981 by murphy
Fri Aug 10, 2012 6:34 pm
That is the correct programming sequence.
When you tried the DSL filter did you install it forwards or backwards?
The reports that I have seen say that it only works if installed backwards.

I have that panel although it no longer connects to ADT.
I got fed up with their automated price increases.
I have a Verizon budget phone line that is solely used for the alarm panel.
No phones ring if anyone calls that phone number.
It currently costs me $17.20 per month.
#98997 by skoehler
Sat Aug 11, 2012 9:38 am
Think I would have any luck if I switched alarm service provider? I'm not married to ADT, they were just the popular one I knew of.

I'll be honest, at the end of the day, the ADT signs/stickers and a painfully loud alarm is what gives me the most value in my service, not how quick ADT can send somebody out for an issue. So I'm willing to accept lesser reliability in using VOIP. I switched to Ooma to go from a $36 phone bill to $5. Verizon doesn't offer a land line here, and AT&T's is 20 something a month, defeating the purpose of switching to Ooma.

Thanks murphy and anyone else who replied for your advice. I will try the backwards DSL filter, and may also try putting Ooma between cable modem and router instead of on a switch that hangs off my wireless router. Don't know what to try after that.
#98999 by murphy
Sat Aug 11, 2012 9:57 am
Since you are willing to accept the characteristics of an internet connection you should give Alarm Relay a call.

I didn't go with their basic service so my first year comes to $15.87 per month which includes the setup fee.
My second year will be 12.95 per month. You pay a year in advance.
That's using a phone connection.
They also provide monitoring over the internet but I don't know what the additional cost for that is.
#99994 by skoehler
Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:43 am
Figured I'd write a followup post. I tried every recommendation I found in this post, and other posts ands forums. I never got it to work. Ooma dials, but the connection never registers with ADT. When I initially called ADT they claimed they could put in a dedicated cell connection for $200 + $12/mo. I called another service provider to get a quote, then called ADT threatening to switch, and they changed their price to a one time fee of $50. So I went with that....

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