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#96925 by doubletake
Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:30 pm
AT&T say they need to come to my home to rewire in order for me to separate my dsl from the phone line in order to give me a dry loop dsl line (for a charge of course). Do I have any other options to get my current phone number ported?
#96927 by lbmofo
Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:33 pm
If you can stand without DSL for a few days, you can port your number (which may disrupt your DSL service) out the way it is and then if DSL is out, call them back saying you just want DSL turned back up (can be done remotely). Make sure you find out from them if you cancelled your DSL, whether you can sign up to naked (without phone service) DSL (some areas, AT&T only offers Uverse to new customers).
#96930 by dennist
Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:55 pm
doubletake wrote:AT&T say they need to come to my home to rewire in order for me to separate my dsl from the phone line in order to give me a dry loop dsl line (for a charge of course). Do I have any other options to get my current phone number ported?

The dry-loop DSL is kind of complicated in ATT. I would suggest you to get a cable internet when you are dealing with ATT. Your internet service will not be interrupted when ATT does not follow what the representative has told you. The cable internet is month-by-month. You may cancel the cable internet later when the dry-loop DSL is settled.

I was using ATT landline and DSL bundled on one line. I would like to port my landline and kept DSL as dry-loop. Unfortunately, ATT gave me two options:

Option 1: I was not allowed to port my number, if I wanted to use dry-loop DSL. ATT would not charge me the landline service. But, the number was not portable. ATT had to keep that number for billing purpose.

Option 2: If I ported my number, I would not get the dry-loop DSL. Actually, ATT does not offer dry-loop DSL in my area.
#96947 by doubletake
Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:58 pm
Thanks everyone, sounds complicated - I just want to be done w AT&T phone service so hopefully I can just contact them to cancel phone service & just keep dsl line.
#96949 by lbmofo
Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:02 pm
If you want to port your number out, you'll need to keep your phone service active.
#97155 by emawoman
Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:56 pm
Hi, I am in Fort Worth, TX, and I too was told by AT&T that either I have to rewire the jack myself or pay them 199.00 to have a tech come out. I told them I would Google it and rewire myself.

But today I got a call from AT&T and was told they would have to have a tech come out and come into the house to check whether I have a signal. I told them no! I think they are going to try to charge me that 199.00 anyway. Plus I do not trust them that I will be keeping my DSL. I've had DSL with them for 6-7 years, so I'll know if I have access if the current setup of modem, OOMA and router works and lets me get a computer online. I suspect they are going to put me on U-verse although I told the rep who set it up that I would go to cable before I would go to U-verse. Reason I suspect: The rep said I would have a $49 startup fee, asked if my modem was working OK, and mentioned I would be getting a welcome kit in the mail. Like why do I need a welcome kit if I am keeping the DSL I've had? When I went to their website and put in my address, it said DSL was not available for my address!

There was an article in the local paper recently about a woman who was forced into U-verse and charged over $300 despite her protests that she wanted to keep her DSL. The Watch Dog Reporter who wrote the story could not get a straight answer from AT&T as he talked to several people in the company.

My husband said that box on the outside of the house is AT&T's and has forbidden me to rewire it. I think he has a point there. I'm sure AT&T could accuse me of tampering with their equipment despite the fact that the rep told me I could rewire myself.

I'd like to know your resolution. Be glad to share my experience.
#97162 by lbmofo
Mon Jun 25, 2012 6:59 am
The right side of NID which has your house wiring is your responsibility so you can do what you wish with it.
#97462 by jcanavera
Fri Jul 06, 2012 6:28 am
You just might consider going to a different Internet service provider. I attempted to keep AT&T as my DSL provider but they would not keep the DSL active if I ported my number to Ooma. I then asked for a dry DSL without voice and they refused to install until my voice service was ported. They also informed me that the DSL without voice would cost another $5 a month on top of paying too much already ($43).

At that point I said forget it and ordered Internet from Charter cable. I got their 15 meg service for $20 monthly and I bought my own cable modem. After the first year Charter will go up to $30 monthly but it is still cheaper and my AT&T DSL service was.

AT&T is hemorrhaging voice lines right now. My son installed an Ooma and they lowered their voice line rate down to $13 a month in an attempt to keep him as a customer when he called in to cancel. If you are hell bent to keep AT&T in as a DSL provider, hold their feet to the fire. Tell them you won't pay installation charges. You may find you have a lot of bargaining power right now.


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