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#96806 by snowcrashed
Fri Jun 08, 2012 5:06 am
I'm ready to port my numbers over to the Ooma but since I have Uverse I have some questions. I started the port process but didn't finish it because I needed help with what to do and wanted to ask for help.

When it asks what type of internet you have, what type does Uverse consider their internet type to be. I don't think it is cable, I know it's not true DSL(VDSL I think) and I know it's Fiber at some point so what do I need to choose there and proceed from there? When I clicked DSL, it said something about a dry loop and doing something from there so I quit when I got confused.

I appreciate any help though, just trying to make sure I do the porting right!
#96807 by Leeway
Fri Jun 08, 2012 6:10 am
I ported out of Uverse to Ooma. Didn't loose a thing as far as TV goes. It is not cable and it is not DSL, it is fiber. During the port process, I went into my Uverse account and forwarded all calls to the Ooma temporary number I picked out so everone could just continue to use the number they had for me. When the port was complete, Uverse dropped my phone and the TV never hiccuped.

#97115 by snowcrashed
Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:29 am
Thanks for getting back to me Donna and sorry reponding late. I went on vacation a few days after posting and have been unable to respond until now.

So when I do the port process, just select Fiber and then that's it! I just wasn't sure to choose that or dsl and with dsl you had to do something with dry looping or something.

Also, about how long did the port process take for the numbers to transfer over from uverse to ooma?

#108951 by tosayner
Wed Apr 17, 2013 6:48 pm
I had the exact same question. Did selecting "fiber" work for you? I don't have Uverse TV, just internet and voice.

I have one cable at the telecom box that splits into two at the gateway, picture attached. Is that what yours looks like?

DSC06782x.jpg (226.88 KiB) Viewed 4255 times
#108996 by snowcrashed
Fri Apr 19, 2013 6:25 am

Going through the port process is simple. Just click VoIP or Digital Phone service for the type, U-Verse for the provider, and then select Fiber-optic as the type of internet and then just follow the steps to check out. The number will be ported much sooner than you think, or at least that was the case for me.

With your setup, I don't exactly have the same setup that you have since you are just internet and voice. On my gateway, I have actual RG-6 cable coming to my box and then my phone lines came out of it. I'm guessing in your situation, they ran a cat-5 cable and split the 2 pairs. The one pair is coming from the NID to the Gateway and giving it the signal, and then they used the other pair on the Cat-5 cable to back feed your phone line jack at the NID.

Probably all you need to do though once you hook Ooma up if you haven't already, is run you the supplied internet cable from the gateway to the ooma telo. Then run you a phone cord from the back of the ooma phone jack to the Gateway. Get you a phone adapter to plug two phone lines together, here's one on ebay but you might could get one cheaper

Anyways, take the cable going into the LINES 1&2 on the Gateway out and plug that into your extender coupler I showed you on ebay. Now take the phone cable you ran from your ooma to the Gateway and plug that into the extender coupler and now your ooma should be powering the phone lines in your house.

Also, once you setup the ooma, it will be working instantly with your number you picked, so you'll have the ooma and the number from U-Verse working until your port completes. You can get it hooked up and test the ooma out before the number port completes and make sure you can get it figured out and working on your home phones.

You'll get an email saying when the port will complete but you don't know the exact time. If you have the phones hooked up to the Gateway, once the port completes and nobody is there, if you get a lot of calls, they will just not be able to contact you since the Ooma will be supplying the phone.

Hopefully this makes sense, if not, I can try to explain it better, just let me know. I've had Ooma coming up on almost a year now and it's been great, no issues at all other than when the internet goes down and you loose phone, but that is not Ooma's fault. My dilemma now is whether to purchase an extended warranty or not for my Telo.

If you have true two phone lines now with U-Verse, you might have a few issues with getting you system setup properly since the Ooma is not a true 2-Line setup like U-Verse and TWC are. Just don't worry about that for now though and you can ask about that later when or if that issue becomes a problem.

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