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#96691 by pjh
Mon Jun 04, 2012 1:58 pm
I have an Ooma Scout for a second line in my home. All of a sudden, it stopped working and the four buttons on the bottom remain red. I've reset my cable modem and router, tried powering the Scout on and off, switched cables, etc. etc., all to no avail. Ooma support suggested connecting the wall port of the Scout directly to the wall port of the Hub (they're in different rooms) and when I tried that, the Scout cycled through the red on the top, middle and bottom and the blue light came on. The phone on the Hub (line 1) works fine.

Nothing has been done to the wall jack where the Scout is located . . . so I'm stumped as to why I can't get it to cycle and get the blue light to come on. There aren't any other working wall jacks in the house where I can test it out.

Since the Scout is for my office line, I really need to get it working again. Any suggestions???

#96694 by lbmofo
Mon Jun 04, 2012 2:06 pm
Did you recently get DSL or something? If you introduced some other digital signal to your phone wire, then Hub and Scout can't talk to each other. Since you know your Scout works when connected directly to your Hub, there is a problem with your phone wire in the house or some singal on your housewire is breaking the communication between the Hub and Scout.

If you introduced some digital signal on your phone wire, you can try to use the 2nd pair for Hub to Scout communications. On both ends (by walljacks by Hub & Scout), use one of these L1, L2 splitters


Plug both devices' "wall" port into the L2 of these splitters.
#96702 by pjh
Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:41 pm
The only thing that I did the other day was to try to hook up my fax machine to the Ooma (without any luck). So I gave up on the fax idea amd plugged the phone back in and it seemed to be working OK.

I'll try adding the L1-L2 splitters (I know I have at least one of them. Maybe that will help.

Thanks . . . Open to more suggestions if you have them.
#96703 by pjh
Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:50 pm
Did you mean trying the splitters attached to the Hub and Scout or to the jacks on the wall. The problem with using the splitter on the Scout is that there's no way to plug in the power plug. . . no room. Tried them on the wall jacks but the Scout is still showing the four bottom buttons as red. I'll play with it a little more and try the other lines on the splitter.
#96704 by thunderbird
Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:10 pm
Sometimes one of the house wall phone jack terminals screws, where the house phone wires connect will over time, become loose or develop a high resistance connection.

Usually all you have to do is remove the phone jack(s) and just tighten the terminal screws where the wires are connected.

I would check the house phone jack where the Ooma Hub phone cord is plugged in, and the house phone jack where the Ooma Scout is phone cord is plugged in.

Reinstall the wall phone jack(s) and test.

Note: if the house phone wiring is daisy chained together, other house phone jacks in between the Ooma Hub house wall jack, and the Ooma Scout house wall jack also could be the problem.
#96708 by pjh
Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:45 pm
Thanks for the suggestions. I don't know if I found a permanent fix, but here is what seems to be working:

I plugged in the splitters into the wall jacks. I tried using the L2 sections for both phones, didn't work.

What did work was:
-- For the house line, The Hub was plugged into L1, the telephone plugged into L2
-- For the office number, the Scout was plugged into L1&2

When one phone is picked up (doesn't matter which one), the #1 light goes on. If I pick up the 2nd line at the same time, both the #1 and #2 lights will come on. The answering machine on the Scout and the Hub seem to be getting the numbers left on their lines.

Maybe not the best solution but it seems to be working for now. I'd like to find somebody to come in to check the wiring in the jacks and to replace some of them (there's sort of a hodgepodge of jacks due to originally having landlines, then cable, and now Ooma.

Now, if I could only get the #$%^%#$ thing to work with a fax ( know that's too much to ask).
#96709 by lbmofo
Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:58 pm
Were you distributing both Hub dialtone and Scout dialtone to your house wires?

Can you share how you used to have things setup?


Hub's phone port connected to what, Hub's wall port connected to what
Scout's phone port connected to what, Scout's wall port connected to what
Were there any splitters involved? L1+L2 kind or just duplex splitters? Do you have 2 line wallplates?
#96711 by pjh
Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:43 pm
The Scout went directly to a wall jack, no splitter involved.

The house line (on the Hub), there were two duplex splitters, one on the wall jack and the other on the phone port on the back of the Hub.

The phone splitter on the Hub had a cable going to the wall jack; a second cable from the wall port on the Hub went also went to the wall jack (plugged into the duplex splitter).As mentioned, the fix for the Scout involved replacing the duplex splitters on the wall jacks with ones with L1, l2 and L1-2. At least things still seem to be working.

I hope that makes sense.
#96717 by lbmofo
Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:21 am
If I am understanding you right, by the Hub, you had a duplex splitter on the walljack connecting Hub's "phone" port and Hub's "wall" port. Then on Hub's "phone" port you also had a duplex splitter so you had an extra port to connect a phone?

If I am understanding you correctly, the duplex splitter on the walljack by the Hub, you replaced with L1, L2, L1+L2 splitter and you had Hub's "wall" port and "phone" port connected to L1 and L1+L2? This would work as if you had a plain duplex splitter. Try your duplex splitter again on the walljack by the Hub; maybe you had a bad connection or something to cause your initial problem.

If it turns out that you have a bad duplex splitter, you can replace the 2 duplex splitters by the Hub with one of those 3 port splitters (3 ports like the L1, L2, L1+L2 splitters but no markings/wordings; just plain triplex). Plug into the walljack by the Hub, plug your Hub's "wall" port and "phone" port into it and then your phone by the Hub into the 3rd port.

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