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#96655 by snowcrashed
Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:05 am
Hey everybody,

First off, I've installed the Ooma just to see how it works and everythihng seems to work great with my initial setup but I have more questions on how to move forward from here with my questions and concerns. I was really happy with how easy the setup was and not having any problems, basically plug and play, but then trying to figure out how to make everything work from here is where I'm having issues!

Ok, I'm currently with Att Uverse and have the triple play function and have 2 lines with 2 voicemails for both numbers. I know I can port both the numbers to the telo but will I be able to have 2 voicemails with the telo if I port both numbers to it? If not, is there anyway to make something like that work?

One of the lines is a business line and one is the home phone and I'm not real sure how it would go over having a shared voicemail for both numbers so it would be nice to have 2 vm's.

I've read in some of the research that some suggested getting another Ooma but then that really defeated my purpose of trying to save money because I thought the unit could handle two lines and have two voicemails but I don't think that is the case? I like the Ooma but I really believe there should be more facts and documentation out there because it is really vague on what you can and can't do and you can't signup for the forums until you activate and get a number.

If I were to have to get another Ooma, then that means basically signing up for the premier service was not needed and should drop back down it would seem.

Once I get both numbers ported, is there anyway to make the different lines have a different ring tones so you know in the house which line is ringing? I know you can't actually do two lines from what it sounded like from the Chat at the sametime without having a handset. These things are not being sold and nobody knows when they will actually be available? This is another thing that is hard to realize that you need a handset because I could not find that information on the website before buying the unit.

Since I have Uverse, I started the port process but didn't finish it because I needed help with what to do and wanted to ask for help.

When it asks what type of internet you have, what type does Uverse consider their internet type to be. I don't think it is cable, I know it's not true DSL(VDSL I think) and I know it's Fiber at some point so what do I need to choose there and proceed from there? When I clicked DSL, it said something about a dry loop and doing something from there so I quit when I got confused.

If you guys could, please help me with all my questions and concerns so I can feel more comfortable with the Ooma if I make the plunge and port away from Uverse.

Oh yeah, we'll Ooma ever have the easy way of just typing *98 like Uverse or other VOIP phone services to get to the voicemail rather than having to call the number to get your messages?

#96660 by lbmofo
Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:05 am
Hi Charlie, I am not sure about your porting from Uverse question so hope someone else can chime in. I don't think if you port out from Uverse, your other Uverse services would be terminated so no concerns like DSL. But as for what category of Internet to choose, not DSL but what, let's hear from someone with experience.

You can have 2 lines with distinct ring with Premier. Separate voicemail if you do personal device setup. Telo doesn't give you true 2 line support currently like Hub used to (scout gets u a hard wired dialtone for 2nd line) but that will change sometime in the future. The HD2 handset is coming (fall this year) so you might want to wait for the 2 line setup just yet.

But if you had a Telo handset, you can setup your system this way: viewtopic.php?t=13531#p94266
#96724 by snowcrashed
Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:00 am
THanks for getting back to me.

So you're saying though that I can have two seperate voicemails with the Telo though if I port both numbers. I really don't want a voice mail that says you have reached charlie and name of company on the same vm if I don't have too. The business doesn't get that many calls but just don't want them being confused here a combined vm. I am signed up for the Premier service though, so I know for a fact I could do the different rings from what you are saying.

To have two seperate vm's though, do I have to have a Telo to make that work? I really don't care about not having two true lines at the moment but would like it in the future. I plan on getting a handset at some point but really hate to buy into an older handset when the new ones are coming. It's funny, the chat rep said like 4-6 weeks and they should be out.

Should I create another post you think on asking on porting from uverse to ooma? Not getting much here.

Thanks again,
#96725 by lbmofo
Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:11 am
You'd need a Telo handset to do what you need (2 separate VM and my ooma login accounts etc). The new HD2 handset is coming out this fall (officially, stated in Ooma blog).

In the near future, you can do true 2 line (hardwired 2 line) with Premier too with a Scout like device for Telo; in the plans but don't know when that will come out.

Yes, I think new thread asking Uverse porting question would be better.

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