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#96034 by njneer
Mon May 21, 2012 6:59 am

I am currently thinking of switching my internet from cable to u-verse and was wondering what I would need to change to get my ooma to work with my new setup. When I switched to cable internet and ooma, I disconnected from the telephone company and was able to distribute the ooma signal throughout the house. But now that u-verse would use the same telephone wiring in the house to provide internet would it be possible to use that same telephone line to distribute the ooma signal and provide internet?

#96037 by lbmofo
Mon May 21, 2012 7:34 am
Depending on what is optimal for your installation, Uverse signal could come into your house on Coaxial or a pair of phone line.

If the Uverse tech opts for phone line, have the tech send the Uverse signal into your house on the 2nd pair (tell them you want to leave the 1st pair isolated so you can distribute VoIP dialtone within the house); at the spot where Uverse modem/gateway is installed, the tech will have to install a 2 line jack (2nd pair is fed to Uverse modem; 1st pair available for you to distribute Ooma dialtone).

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