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#94928 by murphy
Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:52 am
It appears like that key is defective.
A short press should say "Handset paging enabled".
A long press should say "Handset registration mode enabled".

If you bought it locally exchange it as defective.
Write down the MAC address from the label before you do that.
Do not activate the new one. Call Customer Support and have the old one removed and the new one added to your account.

Alternately you can call Customer Support and request a warranty replacement. They will put you through testing similar to what I did.
#94953 by thunderbird
Sun Apr 15, 2012 4:42 pm
Atulb wrote:I am trying to connect a new telo handset to ooma telo. I have the PIN.

The instructions say to press and hold the top right 'page' key for 3 seconds until it starts to flash. I tried it many times but the icon never flashes. I have rebooted several times (by disconnecting the power) and have done a reset by dialing *#*#099, with no success. Any suggestions?


One last thing to try:
Dial *#*#511 in a phone connected to the Ooma Device.

This action Toggles key press sound effects on/off.

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