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#94888 by osage
Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:44 am
I dropped my previous carrier because they were getting too expensive for their bundled services and opted for Ooma to minimize my telephone expenses. Oops! Little did I realize I would not be able to use my fax machine. Had I known that before I purchased Ooma it would have dissuaded me from making the purchase.

Ooma's stated justification for unreliable faxing is hogwash. My previous service was also VoIP and my fax machine worked great with them!
#94903 by EX Bell
Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:16 pm
rmeden wrote:It seems with his previous VoIP service this wasn't necessary.

I assume it used the same internet connection... Ooma just doesn't do it well.


I assume he paid more money every month for his previous VoIP service. If not, why change? I'm surprised that people are still using fax so much. I have a multifunction unit and use the facimilie capability literally 1-2 times per year, to send only. Mine doesn't receive with the Telo, but I couldn't care less. I haven't asked anyone to fax anything to me in about 10 years. If you need to send me something, then you'd better figure out how to scan it to PDF and email it to me, otherwise use the postal service or a courier.

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