Yet another "Incoming No Ring" thread but I am confused..

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Yet another "Incoming No Ring" thread but I am confused..

Post by mchandler » Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:37 pm

So here's my story, I have had ooma for a couple of years now and LOVE it. So I set up a bunch of family and friends. They all just went straight to ooma with no landling.

Now today, I am converting my parents. They have had the same telephone number with the local phone company for almost 50 YEARS! So they do not want to lose it or as they said "port it to a company that might not be around in 10 years"...

In any event, here is what I was trying to do (or thought I could do)

1. Keep their original number with Verizon and convert it to a limited call plan for like $6 (Just a dial tone and every call is 10 cents)

2. Sign up for a new ooma phone number.

3. Run that line through the back of the ooma box foor "line"

4. Run ooma to the one cordless phone they have.

What I thought would happen:
1. Call the original verizon number: it would be passed through by ooma HUB and the cordless phone would ring.
2. Call the new ooma number: The same cordless phone would ring.
3. Dialing out would be ooma unless the power to ooma is lost or something happens like that ( I think this works as planned)

I was reading about provisioning the line and/or call forwarding in these forums, but i really dont understand it all....was wondering if someone could help me clarify.


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Re: Yet another "Incoming No Ring" thread but I am confused..

Post by lbmofo » Sat Mar 24, 2012 5:03 pm

Something close to what you are trying to do is called the "landline integration" mode (I am not sure if Ooma offers this anymore during activation). This is when you don't choose a new number from Ooma but decide to just use your own number.

You'd need to feed the landline dialtone to the Ooma "wall" port. All incomig calls would be through the landline and all outgoing local calls including toll free numbers & 911 would be via your landline as well (this is the part you won't like even if Ooma offered this now; all outgoing local calls + outgoing toll free calls would be riding your landline at 10 cents or more per pop charged by your landline).

Tell your parents that their number would be more than safe with Ooma once ported. Even in the extremely unlikely event that Ooma folds, they can still get the number out to another provider (this is anytime).
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