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Re: OOMA Telo Network Connection

Post by thunderbird » Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:29 pm

dansb wrote:I have mentioned this issue previously without any resolution. I just begun using the Telo which replaced a Ooma hub due to chronic voice delay issues. The Telo is hooked up to my router. When I attempt to hook up modem-Ooma-router I lose my internet connectivity. I am unable to access the Ooma setup page as if the home port on the Telo is not working. I replaced the first Telo sent because the same thing happened and it did not appear the lights were blinking on the home network port. I doubt the port is bad on both units. I've hard wired my desktop to the Ooma device, turned off WiFi rebooted numerous times and still cannot get an ip address from the Telo. I really have tried everything with tech support and reading this forum. The phone works well right now and I assigned both the Lan port and the Telo on highest priority with the router (NetGear WNDR3700) As I stated it seems to be working well but I would like Premier service but reluctant without the ability to access the setup page. Even using my laptop does not resolve the issue. Also Tried shutting down firewalls, antivirus since the software on my desktop and laptop are similar. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
First temporarily turn off Wi-Fi in your computer, if the computer has Wi-Fi turned on. Next remove power from your Modem, Ooma Telo, Router, and Computer. Temporarily connect Modem-Ooma-Computer. Repower your Modem. When the Modem is done rebooting, repower the Ooma Telo. When the Ooma Telo is done booting, repower the Computer.

Try accessing http://www.google.com. If you can access Google, type http: and see if the Ooma Setup pages opens.
If not, try using the Firefox browser.

If Firefox doesn't work, do the following: Go to the start menu of your Computer and click on Run. Type cmd in the Run window blank and hit enter. In the DOS window that opens, type ipconfig/all to the right of c:\ and anything that follows c:\ and hit enter. In the DOS window that opens, following IP address you should see 172.27.35.xxx . This is the IP address that Ooma is trying to issue to the Computer.

If that doen't work:
Try temporarily turning off Firewall and Virus security in you computer. Reboot the computer and do the above procedure again.

Also if you get other IP numbers, like, your computer may be set to use a Static IP address. (In some windows systems this change, in the computer, will sometimes take place by itself).
To configure TCP/IP for automatic addressing for Windows XP go to: http://www.microsoft.com/resources/docu ... x?mfr=true and follow the directions.

If you are using a different Windows operating system, Google "Setting windows computer IP address to use Automatic" and choose your operating system instructions for returning your computer to use the Automatic IP address setting.

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