Which is the best Scenario

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Which is the best Scenario

Post by greggp » Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:03 am

I am a little confused one of the Ooma support people replied that they do not support a 2 line phone?
Do they mean 2 Telos in the same residence

I only need 1 voicemail for the 2 business numbers (same business)

Which scenario is Best: Both will be using my 3 numbers ported to Ooma

1- residential phone number and 2- business numbers

Both Telos (if I use 2) will be in the same room connected to my 2Wire DSL/Router

I am currently an ATT Customer having my 2 Wire /DSL/Router changed to "Stand Alone"/ "Dry Loop"

Scenario: A
I buy 2 Telos:

Telo #1 w/ Premier service
Connect my business phone base to Telo #1
Then I could make Telo # 1 a personal device and assign my 2 business numbers to it and as long as I have call waiting I wouldn't miss any calls coming to my 2 business numbers

Telo #2 / without premier service.

Connect my residential phone base to Telo #2
Telo #2 Would automatically receive calls to the 3rd ported number by default which is my residential phone number.

This way even if a call came in on all 3 numbers at one time, none would go to voicemail unless I ignored call waitng.

Both Telos will be seperatley connected to my 2Wire DSL/Internet/router


Scenario: B w/ Premier Service
I buy one Telo and one Telo Handset

I connect my business phone base to the Telo. (phone base has wireless extensions)

I assign my residential phone number to the Telo handset as a personal device
Then by default the 2 ported business numbers will go to the Telo device which my business phone base is connected to, and again with call waiting I shouldn't miss a business call?

Only drawback is if 3 calls come in at once in this scenario the 3rd call will go to voicemail automatically and bypass call waiting?

So wouldn't Scenario A be a better solution, cost aside?

There may be a Scenario:C

Using 1 Telo and 2 Telo handsets, but with 1Telo you actually only have 2 lines, I would think if you had a call coming in on 3 different numbers at once , 1 call will go to voicemail automatically.

Pleas advise;
Gregg Pizzi / thecarbonater@yahoo.com

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Re: Which is the best Scenario

Post by lbmofo » Mon Feb 13, 2012 3:46 pm

Take a look here: /viewtopic.php?t=13340
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