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#92802 by zincmann
Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:08 pm
I have a house which had Frontier DSL Internet and phone service. I just ported my number over and found the box to switch off the phone service coming in from POTs, or I thought. While I have the new number working on the base phone and all the satellite phones I dont have phone service on the other phones (3) in the house that are not attached to that phone. First I went outside to where the POTS (Plain old telephone service) comes in the house and found a modern box where I can "connect" or "disconnect" the service. When I disconnected the service on the outside box, I lost dial tone to three of the phones in the house. When I "connected" it again I got my POTS line back on the phones that were not part of the 4 Phone panasonic system hooked into OOma. I also went downstairs in my basement and there is a similar smaller box which has the same functionality "Connect" or Disconnect" when I "disconnected" it i got no dial tone on the old POTS lines (wall jacks) but no Ooma. Do I have to reboot ooma AFTER i disconnect the POTS line coming into the house?
#92803 by jcanavera
Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:38 pm
You are connected somewhat the same as I was when I first got my Ooma service. I connected my wireless phone base station to my Ooma Telo. The rest of my wired phones were still connected to my AT&T service. Once I ported, AT&T removed dial tone and my wired phones were dead.

In the room where my Ooma Telo is located is another hard line down to my distribution box in the basement. I disconnected my AT&T feed from that distribution box (be sure you do this!). That box fed service to all my wired phones. I then took the wire in the room where the Telo is located and plugged that into the Telo in place of my wireless transmitter. The Telo unit is now the dial tone provider to the distribution box and all the wired lines now have dial tone. The wireless transmitter was moved to another room which had unused wire that was fed from the distribution box. That got all the wireless and wired phones connected to the Telo.

It looks like your box in the basement is your feed to all of your wired lines in your house. The key then is to get the Ooma Telo connected to that box. If you have wire already running to that box from where the Telo is, it's pretty simple.
#92817 by zincmann
Thu Feb 09, 2012 3:48 pm
So i appreciate your feedback and I solved partially the problem. Outside the house is the box where the dial tone comes in from pots. In the user accessible box I found a connect / disconnect switch which I did disconnect and then the dial tones went dead on the phones which were not on the main telo line. I then used a splitter and connected it to the back of the telo and connected the one base handset to it and the other line to the wall and I had dial tone to my basement phones and I then found one other phone which had been disconnected and did a hob job with some copper speaker wire and wired it into the junction box in the basement and surely enough the other kitchen phone works. the ONLY phone i cant get to work is the one in my office upstairs. I have searched my basement to see if there is another phone run coming into the basement but cannot find it. So getting a few kinks out worked, but I still have one phone not playing nicely.
#92832 by jcanavera
Fri Feb 10, 2012 7:22 am
Glad you got things going. I took a different approach since that outside customer interface box's wiring terminated in a simple wired jack in the basement ceiling. I didn't want the local telco or anyone with outside access to suddenly put voltage back on the circuit and feeding back into the network. I unwired that ceiling jack to make sure nothing would ever feed back into my home network and cause problems with the Telo unit.

Sometimes it is detective work in finding that wiring. I was lucky as I was the original owner of my house and did all the telephone wiring myself. Not the most professional job, but it functions and I definitely know where each room's phone wiring terminates.

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