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#89384 by harleyfatboy
Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:20 pm
Scenario - I have a ooma hub connected to verizon fios router and had my home phone number ported to ooma. I disconnected the house wiring that was connected to this home phone number. I have a cordless phone base station connected to ooma hub and cordless phones around the house. All works well.

I have a work phone number in my house that is still connected via land line. Its a separate set of copper than the home number was on. I would like to move this office number to ooma. I need to keep this office number for work purposes. What do I need in terms of additional equipment and steps?

Do I get a scout and connect it to same router and have office number ported and sign up for Ooma Premier? and disconnect copper wiring to this number? or does scout get hooked up a different way if thats what i need?

or do i need another hub or a teleo box?

Any input or advice would be great....thank you.
#89386 by lbmofo
Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:54 pm
If you don't mind having both home & work numbers ring the same phones and if you don't mind outgoing callerid showing your home number or work number as default (you pick one), you don't need to do anything other than port your work number into your Ooma account. Note: you can choose your outgoing callerid on per call basis to override the default. **0 dialing prefix to show 1st line's outgoing callerid. **1 to show the 2nd.

If you need to keep your work number separate from your home number (ring different set of phones with own default outgoing callerid etc), You have a couple of options here. They are below, not in any order of preference....

1st option is to get another Ooma and port your work number to it. It would work just like your Hub but totally separate system. So you'll know what to do I think.


2nd option is to get a Scout (partner device for Hub) if you don't have one already; looks like a mini Hub.
Call Ooma to see if they still have the Scout deal going:
Get Premier (in order to have more than 1 number on the same main Ooma device).
Port your work number to your existing Ooma account.
Setup your Scout as a personal device.
Associate your work number to your Scout.
Plug a phone system into the "phone" port of Scout.

Scouts connect to the Hub via a regular phone cable ("wall" port to "wall" port). You can have a short phone cable connecting the Hub and Scout together if you want them to be near each other or you'd have to use your house wiring to connect them together (in one room, connect the Hub's "wall" port to a phone jack and in another room where you want your Scout, connect the Scout's "wall" port to a phone jack). Connecting "wall" ports of Scout or Hub to the housewiring even when there is live landline, won't hurt. "Wall" ports of Ooma devices xmit/receive digital signal (HPNA) that rides on whatever is present in the housewiring (but doesn't work if signal in housewiring is DSL).
#89387 by roadshow
Thu Nov 10, 2011 12:05 am
OOMA has a special going right now $99 for Premier and choice of Free Scout, Port, or Telo Handset. I would buy the discount Premier, get the Free Scout and follow lbmofo's instructions.
#89402 by lbmofo
Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:12 am
harleyfatboy, I should add that unless you get another Ooma Hub or Telo, Premier would be required to have 2 numbers on the same main Ooma device. I forgot to say that for "do nothing, just port in work number" option.

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