help troubleshooting core scout connection

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help troubleshooting core scout connection

Post by angrysquirrel » Mon Sep 05, 2011 6:58 am

I was wondering if you folks can help me with a problem that has occurred after fairpoint came to hook up a dsl connection in my apartment.

I have the ooma core voip device hooked up to my linksys router. I had fairpoint come out and install DSL to see if I could live without my blazing comcast cable modem speeds. Tried it and found it to be too slow. They say they shut off the dsl signal from to the telephone jack and say what they did at the interface box should not be affecting my voip phone service in any way. Here's the problem I'm having since they came out and hooked up the DSL. The problem continues since they disconnected the service.

I have an ooma scout that I use with the core. I took the "wall" phone jack from my ooma core and plugged it into the wall phone jack in my bedroom. The scout is in the living room. The scout is plugged into the wall jack of the living room and turned on, as is the core. Now when I had the cable modem hooked up in this configuration I'd get a blue light on the scout and the phone would be working in the living room. Since they installed the DSL the scout in the living room no longer works. The scout still doesn't work since they shut off the DSL.

I did a direct connect between the core and scout and no problems with getting a blue light on the scout without using the phone line to connect the two.

I'm going to get a multimeter to troubleshoot this problem b/c fairpoint wants to charge me $250 to come out and look at the interface box. I was looking at this multimeter: ... 90899.html

Doesn't look like it does continuity but it does voltage. Could I remove the phone jack wires and the bedroom and then put like a aaa battery on two of them (keep the battery connected to the wires). Then go to the living room jack and put the multimeter on those wires to see if I get voltage? Would that work? Any other easier methods you'd suggest?

Is there anything I should be checking at the interface box to make sure that it is not interfering with my ooma core and scout? Should the wires to my apartment be completely disconnected from the interface box outside or can they still be connected assuming they shut the dsl signal off? Thanks!

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Re: help troubleshooting core scout connection

Post by thunderbird » Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:20 am

The meter shown also checks Ohms. The Ohm setting selections are in the lower left side. Look for the Omega symbol.

The phone wiring from the street, if you aren't using DSL should be disconnected.

I would start troubleshooting the wiring from the Scout side and work towards the interface box. Just guessing, more then likely they disconnected some of the wires in the interface box, and that's where you will have to reconnect the disconnected wires. You may be able to just view the wires in the interface box and find the disconnected wires.

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