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#86623 by pdvigil
Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:25 pm
I have DSL service which comes from the pole to the box on my house. The box feeds to numerous wall jacks in the house. One of the wall jacks is in my office where I have the Ooma Telo and my modem, etc. I need to plug my integrated modem (DSL Modem, WiFi & Router in one Unit) into that wall jack to get the DSL to my modem. From there the integrated modem the Ethernet jack plugs into my Telo.

Now I would like to plug the Telo into my house telephone wall jacks to activate all the phones, cordless, corded, caller ID to DVR, etc.

1) Can I have the DSL and the Ooma all on the same home phone wall jack circuit? (If so do I need to use line filters)
2) The modem used the one jack in that area & I'm trying to get the Ooma plugged back into the home wall jack. Can I use a splitter or just run another wire from a separate jack to the Ooma to get it on the home wiring. I want it in the home wiring so I can use wired hand sets, cordless hand sets, caller ID to DVR, basically to use all my existing jacks for what I intend them to be used for.

If they can not all function correctly on the same home phone wall jack circuit - What about having DSL install a dedicated line to the modem, independent from the wall jacks.......That is my final option.

I realize that I can take my cordless phone system base & connect to the Ooma & then use the cordless extensions to the base. But I would have to forgo a couple hard wired phones and caller Id to DVR.


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