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#85679 by racorby
Mon Aug 15, 2011 7:40 am
I am finally getting around to setting up the Original HUB unit to replace my existing COMCAST service. The Comcast service is active in all the Phone Jacks in the house. I go FROM the Comcast Router to a Wall Jack. I have previously used the exact same setup with other VOIP providers.

Now, when I go from the HUB HOME port to the same wall jack I get nothing on the phones connected to other wall jacks. A phone plugged into the HUB Unit works fine. Not sure why this does not work if it works for other VOIP providers - meaning the wiring in the house is probably fine. I am NOT using the wire that came with the Ooma...could that matter? I have tried two different phone cords...same response (no service).

I assume the Original HUB supports this type of configuration. I don't really want to hook my 4 Handset phone system directly to the HUB because it "lives" in the basement and I want to maximize the phone reception in the house. For what it is worth...I am wired MODEM > HUB > ROUTER.

#85716 by lbmofo
Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:54 pm
YW. Welcome to Ooma btw. In case you are wondering, the wall port is used to integrate landline into the Ooma device (have Ooma use landline # and service except for outgoing long distance calls). The newer devices don't even have this "wall" port anymore.

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