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#83382 by skerik
Sat Jun 18, 2011 10:41 am
Is there any way to wire a Telo to both the 1st & 2nd lines of the internal home wiring? I've had a 2nd line for years as a home office number - for the last couple of years Ooma has been providing service for that line. I recently decided to ditch the POTS line as my main phone number and go Ooma all the way, but am now finding out that the Telo apparently can't handle being wired to 2 lines. I had Vonage for a while and their adapter worked fine for this so I just assumed that since the Telo has 2 lines displayed on the case, that it would... you know, actually use 2 lines.

After talking to support they tell me that basically the only options are to buy a 2nd Telo, or get the Telo handset. I'm not crazy about either option, esp. the handset - I have a nice 2 line Polycom phone in my office which is where I mostly use the 2nd line as a home office.

So is there any way to wire Ooma to the 2nd home line other than buying another device? The port on the back does seem to have the connector for 2 lines, so it seems like this at least physically could be possible, maybe it's just a question of the Telo firmware or other internal config.
#83384 by murphy
Sat Jun 18, 2011 10:45 am
The only way to use a two line phone with the Telo is to have two Telos.

The out of production Hub and Scout could do what you want but the Telo can't.
#83409 by skerik
Sun Jun 19, 2011 9:59 am
Thanks, murphy. It looks like the Hub is actually available on Amazon, so I may look into that. Looks like I need to research whether I'd be losing anything by going from a Telo to a Hub (and selling the Telo). On Ooma's chart of features the only one that looks significant to me is the HD Voice support, since this is my primary line. Does the USB port have any actual use, as opposed to potential?

[Edit: I see that the Bluetooth adapter uses the Telo's USB port; that sounds somewhat interesting but BT's range is a little too short IMO, I have DECT 6.0 handsets which do that better.]

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