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#83124 by thunderbird
Mon Jun 13, 2011 3:32 pm
nguyentphu1984 wrote:I have 2 Ooma Telo. What is the best way when I install them. Thank you!

I would probably connect the Internet port of each to one of the Router's LAN ports.

If you don't have enough Router LAN ports, purchase a switch.

Right now I have two Ooma Telos connected that way. I use two eight port Switches in our home.

A Switch is a port multiplier.

Sometimes connecting behind a route, a very few people have quality of service problem. If you do post those problems in this forum and someone will give you suggestions on how to make adjustment to correct those problems.

Usually most people don’t connect anything to the Ooma Telo’s Home port, except when temporarily accessing Ooma Setup to make adjustments, because of networked printer and file sharing issues.

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