Another caller id and things thread

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Another caller id and things thread

Post by kyosuke » Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:39 pm

So im assuming my ooma hub master station is working properly,it has a blue tab and i hear the omma dial tone when i pick the phone up. (do the tabs 1-2 turn blue or stay red ? too lazy too read simple instructions)

Anyways the caller id and caller logs were working fine,untill 2 days ago i got the cheapest phone plan there is before porting my number over. I was like why pay another 40 something dollars a month when the porting takes maybe a month worst case scenario so i decided in the mean and between time to just get cheap phone service.

I havent ported it just yet but since i got this 10 dollar phone plan my caller id isnt working no more. Nor is my caller logs. I was under the impressions that im using ooma service now. Do i have to fully port my number to activate all the ooma functions.

cliffs: my caller id isnt working anymore since switching to a cheap phone plan att offers while im porting my number over

im prolly gona need to use the search function but can somebody tell me real quick whats the best way to disassociate my current phone number with my dsl ? ATT "tripping" hard saying that to dry loop is gona cost around 200 bucks just for them to come out here and set me up for direct dsl with no phone. But they acting like once i dry loop it i wont have a phone number anymore making it impossible to port over my number to ooma since i still do need my number before porting it over to ooma.

I feel like just porting my number over and getting it dry looped after but that means ima have no internet or phone service for who knows how long because because of my number being associated with my dsl, you know what i mean ?

anyways much thanks and appreciations to all that reply =)

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Re: Another caller id and things thread

Post by WayneDsr » Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:44 pm

It sounds to me that you've chosen to have ooma WITH a landline when you first registered the unit.

In order for caller ID to show you must keep caller ID on your landline until the port.


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Re: Another caller id and things thread

Post by bw1 » Fri Apr 03, 2009 6:44 pm

Talk to AT&T retentions about dry looping and having 2 separate accounts for DSL and phone or you'll switch to cable internet and drop DSL.

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