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#80300 by giant25
Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:53 am
Hi everyone,
New to OOMA but I have it all set up with no problems. I just put in a cancellation request for my AT&T DSL line that will be effective May 11th. I'm on a 1 yr contract with AT&T DSL which expires on May 11th. I just put in a Porting request with OOMA and they told me that the port would complete on May 9th. Will this port effectively cancel my DSL two days early? The early termination fee is a few hundred bucks. I called OOMA to delay the port but they say they cannot (I just got the Port status email today). They told me I can cancel the port and resubmit it in a few days. I'd rather not do that, but wanted to know what to do, if anything, with AT&T. Will they just switch me to dry-loop? I don't plan on cancelling my phone service with AT&T until this is all complete. Thanks for any help.

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