Connecting Ooma Hub to a Computer with Wi Fi Internet Access

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Re: Connecting Ooma Hub to a Computer with Wi Fi Internet Access

Post by watsontahiti » Sat Apr 04, 2009 7:06 pm

All of you, who advised, thank you, in Tahitian, maururu.

I’m briefly in French Polynesia and yes Ooma works and plays well with others here as in Europe, Mexico and Scandinavia.

Lohertz … be advised that setting up A VPN works with PS2 and Xbox with forced bridging but the Linux Ooma system won’t work when the shared connection can’t be modified with XP Professional and the Windows 2008 server.

I admit that all of this is now beyond my limited knowledge but most anything is possible but this stretched my limits and perhaps my experience will help others.

Forgive me, English isn’t my first language … Take Ooma on the road, it works very well around the world … Wayne you were indeed wise … despite Ooma’s claim “While we have a number of customers who have used the ooma system with a wireless Internet connection, we cannot guarantee the performance will be quite as good.” Not to purchase the Ooma for just a shared WiFi internet connection for your Ooma hub.

I’m a lowly A+ certified hardware geek and love a challenge. Your suggestions and advice will always be appreciated.

FYI … I’ve run a telephone line 2500 meters to my home from the office and the Ooma scout works great … forget WiFi and wait until something better comes along. Ooma does well, travels well, plays well with others and never runs with sharp scissors.

My last post … again thank you all.

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