My Porting Experience (Comcast)

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My Porting Experience (Comcast)

Post by carrigan » Sun Apr 17, 2011 4:32 am

Posting this as my porting experience, porting from Comcast, was a little different than I expected based on reading numerous posts regarding it on the forum. Hoping this will help others trying to decide or wondering how it may work especially if they are porting from Comcast.
First, I was pleasantly surprised after requesting to port that it was estimated that the port would occur in 6 days. Requested 4/8/11 estimated for 4/14/11.
Next, was pleasantly surprised again when notified acual port would take place 4/14/11.
Then, port took place sometime on early on 4/14. Left for work around 7am got notification that poet was complete by 10am. So, if there was any service disruption it went unnoticed.
Now the part that I really didn't expect.
On the email from Ooma that notified me that the port was complete, it instructed me to contact my old carrier to cancel my service, but to wait one business day before doing so.
I dutifully waited and called the next day.
When I informed the Comcast rep that my port had taken place and that I would like my account cancelled, she, in an agitated tone, told me that even though the port had occurred the Comcast service would still be in effect until they received the required paper work back from my new carrier. She told me that was scheduled to be completed by 4/25.
Once I acknowledge to her that I understood, she became quite pleasant and told me she would make a note on my account that my service should be cancelled as of the 14th and that I should call on the 26th to verify.I was given information to verify our convesation to with whomever I may speak with on the 26th.

So overall my porting experiece was very good.
Just took a path I wasn't expecting.
Key here is to call one day after to ensure you aren't charged for your old carriers service any longer than necessary.[/color
]BTW Ooma, thus far has met and exceeded all the expectations to this point.
Setup and activation, even making adjustments I wasn't expecting to accomodate my ftp server, voice quality, home distribution all either went as expected or were easy to accomadte with minor adjustments.

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Re: My Porting Experience (Comcast)

Post by QCK » Sun Apr 17, 2011 5:54 am

Thanks for that post, it was very helpful.

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Re: My Porting Experience (Comcast)

Post by dougb » Sun Apr 24, 2011 5:14 pm

Thank-you. Planning on submitting my port request tomorrow and currently have Comcast. Was curious on how they would handle it.

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