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#79530 by winox
Sat Apr 16, 2011 3:49 pm
Just completed installation of Ooma Telo last night. Activation was confirmed by an Oama female voice message left on my Oama Telo. However, while I am able to make calls out, my phone will not receive incoming calls, the phone does not ring, and needless to say, voice mail does not kick in. After several rings, the automatic outgoing greeting asks caller to leave a voice message, but Telo does not record any voice message. I assume my prior phone number has been ported to Oama, since that is the number that is shows up at my cell phone when I called my own cell phone. Any suggestions as to how this could be resolve? (Oama's support FAQ provides nothing on this issue.) Thanks! :(
#79533 by lbmofo
Sat Apr 16, 2011 3:54 pm
You must have signed up with option "use my current number with Ooma." This means you are running in landline integration mode. In this mode, you need to feed your landline dialtone to your Ooma device's "wall" port. Connect a phone cord from Ooma's "wall" port to your house walljack if you have a landline. If you have other services like Comcast digital phone, just feed that dialtone to your Ooma's "wall" port.

Number port is something you order separate from the activation process:

There are a couple of known issues for some in the landline integration mode. Incoming calls do not reflect callerid even if your landline has callerid and Ooma answering machine doesn't pick up. If you want to run in standalone mode and not have your Ooma depend on landline dialtone, you can call into Ooma customer service and have them change it for you.
#79541 by winox
Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:33 pm
Thanks Ibmofo,
Per your suggestion, I connected a phone line from Ooma "wall" port to the wall jack (there's "two way out" splitter box at the wall, one DSL line, and now connection to the Ooma "wall" port). The connection did not make any difference with regard to the phone's ability to receive an incoming call. However, instead of above connection to the house wall jack, I connected to the router's (a Linksys Hi-Port Wireless-G Broadband Router provided by T-Mobile 2 years ago when I subscribed to their VOIP land line service) phone port. After a reboot of the router, modem, and Telo box, the Ooma will now allow the phone to ring and receive incoming calls. This is an improvement. However, if the call is not answered within the 4 ring timeframe, the outgoing greeting asks the caller to leave a message, but the voice message is not recorded and the voicemail function of Oama goes berserk. It then emits a series of "busy tones" (5-6 times), then an automated female voice starts to speak, but cannot get past the first syllable, and continues repeating the first syllable until I manually touch the stop button (the square icon) which apparently resets the Ooma to a quiet state. Furthermore, the Ooma Telo now causes my phone to ring once at intervals every 1 minute or so. (The 1 digit on the Telco goes from "blue" to "yellow" when it initiates the ring. So, it has been 2 steps forward progress and 2 steps back.
Does this seem to be a Telo box specific issue (i.e. defective) or a voice mail setting issue? Would the Linksys Hi-Port router need some kind of re-configure? My prior land line service with T-Mobile is schedule to end today on April 16. Even though my existing phone number has been ported to Ooma (I assume so), is it possible the service is no entirely shutdown, and it is somehow interfering with Telo's ability to accept a voice message? Thanks again for any further suggestions to resolve.
#79548 by tomcat
Sat Apr 16, 2011 6:54 pm
I can't help too much with the troubleshooting. However, if you just started your Ooma service last night, your number has NOT been ported to ooma (yet). Porting your number can take up to 3-4 weeks and you must keep your existing landline active in order for the port to complete. If you canceled you landline service on your own, you need to call them ASAP to have it reconnected or you will loose your number and it cannot be ported to ooma.
#79550 by winox
Sat Apr 16, 2011 7:06 pm
Thanks so much. I was confused by the fact that my prior phone number that I requested to port from T-Mobile to Ooma had showed up on my cell display when I called from the phone via Ooma. I assumed that the number port had taken place. Your comments were a big help. I'll contact T-Mobile asap to be sure they keep my service alive until the port has happened.
Maybe this also explains why Ooma voice mail is not working like it is supposed to. Thanks!
#79567 by lbmofo
Sun Apr 17, 2011 1:15 am
I suggest you call Ooma customer service and have them change your ooma run in standalone mode so it doesn't depend on your Tmobile home service; you won't need to connect a phone cord to Ooma's wall port anymore.

Forward your Tmboile home # to your Ooma number.

Order your number port on
#79614 by tomcat
Sun Apr 17, 2011 3:07 pm
lbmofo wrote:Number port is something you order separate from the activation process:

When I signed up with ooma a couple of months ago, I was given the option to port my existing number during the activation process. I take it winox took advantage of this option and requested the port during the activation.

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