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#77725 by DLcrib
Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:29 am
Hi all, just activated my Telo tonite and followed instructions but had a question that I can't seem to find an answer for.

during activation I chose to port my existing landline number (currently with AT&T) to ooma and chose this option:
“I would like to use the Ooma system with my current phone provider.”

I understand that to take advantage of this option, I had to hook up my Ooma system by plugging the landline into the port labeled WALL on the back of the Telo.

My question: this is temporary correct...just until after my number is ported over to ooma (3-4 weeks)...once that is completed and I turn off my AT&T account I do not need to have the telo connected to the existing landline line correct?

As an added info, I should say that my internet connection is through a cable modem (TimeWarner), so once I cancel AT&T I believe the telephone line will be dead anyway.

So again the question is whether or not I will need the landline hooked up to the Telo once my number is ported away from AT&T.

Additionally, with the set up the way it is now...are my calls (in and out) still going through AT&T until the number is ported officially to ooma in 3-4 weeks?

Thanks for any response and bits of wisdom.
#77726 by murphy
Tue Mar 22, 2011 2:56 am
The connection to the Wall jack of the Ooma will be removed when the number port is complete.
Until the port is complete all incoming calls are via AT&T.
Outgoing local calls are via AT&T.
Outgoing long distance calls are via Ooma.

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