Behind Router--Access Setup?

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Re: Behind Router--Access Setup?

Post by bhogsett » Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:06 am

highq wrote:
Once you access the Telo's web page in the manner outlined by thunderbird, set up port forwarding of port 80 to Then disconnect from the home port and go back to normal operations. When you next point a browser to, its request for a connection, which seeks a reponse on port 80, will be redirected to port 80 at address
Thanks once I attached a patch cable (I refer to it as an ethernet cable.) everyting was simple. I just did the port forwarding you suggested, disconnected the ethernet cable from the home port and plugged the cable into the To Internet port and the other end into my router (actually into my Sonos at the moment, but that is another story) and typed in the fixed IP address I had assigned and up came the Ooma setup page.

I am not sure I see a lot to do on the setup page. I didn't change anything other than the port forwarding. Since my Ooma is behind the router, I don't need to do anything with QoS. Right?

Thanks to everyone.


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