Using Ooma Telo w/DoorBell FON

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Using Ooma Telo w/DoorBell FON

Post by jkay747 » Sat Jan 08, 2011 2:14 pm

Greetings -

I am running an OOMA Telo, using the DECT 6.0 Home distribution system to get dialtone to all of my phones. I have disconnected my old landline and all seems to be working properly.

However, we have a Doorbell FON (http://homeintercomsystems.getshopped.c ... y-dp-28it/) which I have attempted to wire into the patch panel Line 1 (Blue/White Pair). It appears that since Ooma does not provide a standard "Dial Tone", that the system will not work. It simply tries to dial and will not hang up, leaving the phone "off the hook" when you attempt to use it.

I've searched the forums here and for Doorbell FON and have not seen this topic addressed. Does anyone have any experience with this, or can you point me to a thread if there is a discussion on this topic?

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Re: Using Ooma Telo w/DoorBell FON

Post by nn5i » Sat Jan 08, 2011 2:26 pm

I've never used that device, but I found the installation manual online and read it.

I'll bet you installed it wrong. The correct installation would be a modular cable from Ooma's PHONE socket to the LINE IN socket on the FON, and a separate modular cable from the FON's LINE OUT socket to your DECT 6.0 base unit and any other telephone instruments. Connect nothing to Ooma's WALL socket.

Is that what you did? I'd bet much that it isn't.

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Re: Using Ooma Telo w/DoorBell FON

Post by murphy » Sat Jan 08, 2011 2:28 pm

That looks like it works by running the incoming phone line to it first and then it feeds the rest of the house. When someone pushes the button it disconnects the incoming phone line and sends ring voltage to the phones in the house. When the intercom conversation is done it reconnects the phone line to the house.

You need to run the Ooma phone jack direct to the place where your land line used to feed the house and connect it in just like the land line was connected.
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Re: Using Ooma Telo w/DoorBell FON

Post by jkay747 » Sun Feb 06, 2011 12:47 pm

Thanks to all who responded to this. The replies were correct - to get this to work, I had to run the OOMA Telo Phone jack out directly to the Doorbell FON "From Telephone Company" port. Any other method did not work. Since my main punch down board is in the garage but I wanted to keep the ooma inside my house (so we could more easily see whether we had calls/etc - although i realized afterwards this was not really necessary - you could easily leave the TELO in the garage next to punchdown panel and not miss much).

It was fairly simple once I figured it out with the generous help of the posters above---

1. First I took a regular telephone Cable (Cat 3/RJ11 male on both sides). I connected the male end into the OOMA Telo PHONE port on one end, and then cut the other end of the cable to reveal one red and one black wire (line 1 pair).

2. I opened up the wall jack closest to the Ooma and selected the Orange/white pair (unused in my house, may be used for line 2 in your house - so you might want to select a different pair). I then spliced the RJ11 "free end" into the orange pair.

3. Went out to the telephone panel, selected that orange pair. (I have all of my ports labeled in the garage, if you don't you may need a tone tester like the FOX and HOUND (see to find the Ooma dial tone generated by the Telo and wired that directly into the Doorbell FON slot marked "FROM TELEPHONE COMPANY".

4. Tested phones, doorbell chime, and all work just as they did when I had a regular Verizon Landline.

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