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#71747 by mikeshady
Wed Dec 29, 2010 5:08 pm
hello all, i am new here just have a question hoping someone here can answer.I requested my number port from att on my ooma account wich says it will complete on jan 4th.So i ordered the new stanalone dsl from att(i guess its uverse now they say) and they tell me they could get it done on the 5th.well today i call and they tell me there sending the new dsl equipment and it should be up and working on the 4th,I was like wow it was supposed to be on the 5th.Now for the question since my number will be ported on the 4th, and the new dsl starts on the 4th will the new dsl service cancell out my number being ported att tells me no it will be fine.....Thanks soory for the long post

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