Voicemail Notifications

Have you ever wished that your phone system could tell you when there’s a new voicemail? Are you sick of calling in to your voicemail to check whether someone’s tried to reach you? If these thoughts have crossed your mind, then Voicemail Notifications can help! Whenever you receive a new voicemail message, your Ooma will automatically let you know via either email or SMS!

Table of Contents

How do I get started with Voicemail Notifications?

Voicemail Notifications will let you know via either email or text message whenever you have a new voicemail message. In order to get started with Voicemail Notifications, follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your My Ooma account
  2. Navigate to the Voicemail menu under the Preferences tab
  3. Under Forwarding and Notifications, select "+ Add" (pictured below)                                                                           
  4. Choose whether you would like to forward your voicemails to email or SMS
  5. Enter your email address or phone number. If you choose to forward to SMS, select your cell phone carrier
  6. Save your settings

Note: If you choose to forward notifications to email, you also have the option to attach an audio file of the voicemail message. You can learn more by visiting our Voicemail Forwarding FAQ.

Who can use Voicemail Notifications?

Voicemail Notifications are available to Ooma Premier subscribers.

My voicemail messages are not getting sent to my email address. Where are they?

If you've properly set up Voicemail Forwarding and you're not receiving emails, the first thing you should do is check to make sure that your email provider is not filtering messages from notify@ooma.com to your spam folder.

Note: It may take several minutes for an email or text message to reach your device.