Purchasing a refurbished Ooma unit

When Ooma devices are returned for any reason, they are sent back to us for any necessary repairs. Once the unit has been restored to factory new condition, the products undergo a new round of quality control testing. Only then are Ooma devices repackaged and offered as refurbished units. When you purchase a refurbished Ooma device through our authorized retailers, you get all of the quality of purchasing new equipment at an attractively discounted price.

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Why would I purchase refurbished instead of new?

If you're interested in purchasing an Ooma device at a discount, a refurbished Ooma device may be what you've been looking for. Ooma offers this equipment at a discounted price because it's been previously-owned. Any defects have been resolved and the device has gone through quality control testing before being resold to you. This means that you can purchase refurbished equipment with the certainty that you will receive the same high-quality product that you would if you purchased new equipment.

Where can I purchase refurbished Ooma equipment?

You can purchase refurbished equipment at the following certified retailers:

  • Ooma.com
  • Ooma's sales hotline (1-866-452-6662)
  • Fry's Electronics
  • Woot.com

Do I have to pay a reactivation fee on my device?

Reactivation fees are only required for equipment that has been activated and then resold without being returned to the retailer from which it was purchased. If your device has been factory refurbished and you purchased it through one of Ooma's authorized retailers, you will be able to go through the activation process online without paying any additional fees.

What tax structure will my refurbished equipment be subject to?

Your refurbished equipment will be subject to the most current pricing for taxes and fees. For more information about what you can expect to pay monthly in taxes and fees for your zip code, Ooma offers a tax calculator.

What kind of warranty do refurbished devices come with?

Your refurbished Ooma unit will come with a 12-month factory warranty. This warranty will be automatically registered when you activate your device online.