Call Forwarding and Multi-Ring

You're a busy person, and sometimes you simply can't stay home waiting for a phone call. With the many call forwarding options offered through Ooma, you don't have to be shackled to your home phone anymore! If you're going to be away from home -- whether for a few hours or for a vacation -- you can select the call forwarding option that will let your phone calls come to you no matter where you are.

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What is Call Forwarding? How does it work?

Call Forwarding lets you choose which telephones will ring when you receive calls to your Ooma phone. You can direct incoming calls to your home telephone, to an external number, to your Ooma Mobile HD app, or to some combination of those destinations.

You can enable Call Forwarding by logging in to your My Ooma account and navigating to the Call Forwarding option under the preferences tab. You should see a page that is similar to the one pictured below:

Once you're there, here's how to turn on Call Forwarding:

  1. Choose which number or numbers you want to apply your Call Forwarding settings to from the "Apply these settings to:" menu.
  2. Select your "Forwarding mode" from the dropdown list.
  3. Choose the devices that you would like to have ring for incoming calls from the "Ring the following devices" list. You can choose any or all of the following options:
    • Home Phone: Your Ooma home phone.
    • Mobile App: Calls can be received through the Ooma Mobile app on your iOS device or Android device if you are running the latest version.
    • External Number: Any domestic landline or cell phone

Once you've followed those steps, you'll be set up and ready to go!

What are the different call forwarding modes available?

There are three different options to choose from when you enable Call Forwarding:

  • Disabled will turn Call Forwarding off. Only your home phone will ring.
  • When Ooma Device is Offline will only forward an incoming call if your Ooma service is not working (if your Ooma device is powered off or your Internet is out). If your Ooma service is working, only your home phone will ring.
  • All Incoming Calls allows you to control which devices you want to ring when you receive an incoming calls. Select your home phones, your mobile app, an external phone number, or any combination of the above.

Can I answer incoming calls on my mobile app??

If you are using version 5.0 or later of the Ooma Mobile HD iOS app or version 3.0 or later of the Android app, you can have your incoming calls ring on your mobile app. These calls are routed through your cell phone’s Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Once you have set up the app on your mobile device, you can enable call forwarding through the Ooma Mobile HD app by selecting “Mobile App” from the "Ring the following devices" list.

Reference: You can learn more about the free Ooma Mobile HD app by visiting our FAQ.

What is the "Require key press before answering forwarded calls" option?

The "Require key press before answering forwarded calls" option gives you an added level of flexibility when ringing an external phone number like a cell. When this option is enabled and you answer a forwarded call on an external number, you won't be connected to the caller until you answer the phone AND press "1" on your phone's keypad. This option ensures that your other devices can still ring if your cell phone has been turned off or is out of its service area.

How come I don't see the option to enable Call Forwarding?

The Call Forwarding features are only available to Ooma Premier subscribers. You can check your account level by visiting this page.

If you're interested in enabling Call Forwarding, why not consider upgrading your account to Ooma Premier? You can learn more about the benefits of upgrading by viewing our Premier overview article.

How do I turn call forwarding off?

You can turn Call Forwarding off by changing the Forwarding Mode to Disabled. This disables Call Forwarding while maintaining your previous configuration so that you can enable it easily the next time you want to use it.

Can I forward calls to an international number?

Calls can be forwarded to numbers in the U.S. and Canada. You cannot forward calls to international numbers from other countries.

Call Forwarding isn't working for me. What's going on?

If Call Forwarding is not working properly, please check the following to make sure that you have set up the feature properly:

  • Is Call Forwarding enabled? (Note: Make sure that your "Forwarding Mode" is not set to "Disabled")
  • Is your external number typed in correctly?
  • Are you able to receive calls on the phone you are forwarding your calls to?
  • Is the ringer for the phone you're forwarding calls to turned on?
  • Are your calls being sent straight to voicemail with Do Not Disturb?
  • Has your Ooma Premier membership expired? Call forwarding is only available to Ooma Premier subscribers, so you can check your status and renew your account here.