Backup Number

Purchasing an Ooma device gives you access to all of the benefits of your old telephone carrier for a fraction of the price. Transferring your telephone service to the Internet is generally reliable, but it’s best to have a safety net in case of a power or Internet outage. The Backup Number feature can provide you with that extra layer of security.

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How do I get started using the Backup Number?

The Backup Number will only be used if your Internet or Ooma service goes down. You can enable the Backup Number by logging into your My Ooma account and navigating to the Call Forwarding option under the preferences tab. You should see a page that is similar to the one pictured below:

Once you're there, here's how to turn on call forwarding:

  1. Check the option to enable call forwarding
  2. Select “Call forward on network outage” from the dropdown menu
  3. Put the number you want to forward your calls to in the "Forwarding number" field

Once you've followed those steps, you'll be set up and ready to go!

Reference: If you’re interested in learning more about the other Call Forwarding options, you can read more in our Call Forwarding and Multi-Ring FAQ.

Who can use the Backup Number feature?

The Backup Number feature is available to Ooma Premier subscribers.

Can I forward calls to an international number?

No, you cannot forward calls to an international number.