Ooma Adds Smartphone Features to the Home Phone

Tue, 01/10/2012 - 09:02 -- Team Ooma

We’re excited to announce today at the 2012 International CES® in Las Vegas, Nevada, that we’ve launched a new cordless handset with HD Voice call clarity and smartphone features made possible by our cloud-enabled platform.

Because Ooma is an Internet-based platform, it allows us to add innovative and useful features more typically associated with a smartphone and blend the mobile and home phone experiences. The new cordless Ooma HD2 Handset features a two-inch color screen and picture caller-ID with the ability to automatically display Facebook profile pictures and online contact lists from Facebook, Google and Yahoo. Ooma will make even more smartphone-like features available to our customers later this year through firmware updates, including customizable ringtones to help identify individuals or groups when calling.

Ooma HD2 handset users who subscribe to Ooma Premier service (optional, $9.99/month) can enjoy even more advanced features such as an Instant Second Line(TM), Multi-Ring to simultaneously ring another phone, three-way conferencing, a second personal number anywhere in the U.S., call screening via the built-in speakerphone, and the ability to send calls directly to voicemail with the touch of a button.

The Ooma HD2 Handset will be available in March 2012 at http://www.ooma.com and select retailers with an M.S.R.P of $59.99.

Update: We're targeting to release the Ooma HD2 Handset in Fall 2012.


Submitted by Nancy on

Will we be able to use a headset with this new Ooma?

Submitted by GAry on

I have had my Ooma Tello for two years and it is connected to a wireless router by hard wire, I have wireless printer, several computers, two cell phones, Google TV, Apple TV, Sonos music system and all work fine. I do not want my cell phone to answer calls to Ooma though.

Submitted by Brian on

Better to delay a product than to release it with issues. I have 2 of the existing Ooma Telo handsets and they work fantastic. I get HD quality and 2 lines. @ Nelson - Your loss. Never sign up for anything until it's released.

As a happy Ooma customer, I will for sure go out and buy the new HD2 handset. I like that it's affordable as well for purchase. Thanks Team Ooma for all your doing, love it!

Submitted by Paul on

Four weeks ago I bought the Ooma system including the Ooma handset. The new HD2 hand set looks great will I get any type of refund for my recent Ooma handset purchase?

Submitted by Nelson on

So, when will the vaporware actually materialize? It's already 4 months overdue.

This is starting to look more like an embarrassment than anything else.

Submitted by Dave on

Going on to a year now since the original announcement...still waiting. I'm beginning to have my doubts about this mythical handset and I wonder if it's even being worked on anymore.

Kinda of like "The check is in the mail" or "Of course I'll still love you tomorrow".

Submitted by Moore on

When this month? I've been looking, since the ooma handset I purchased is really sub par to the phones I did have, I bought it and was excited for all the new features it provided and did provide. Major design flaw for what it was designed for. The phone calls are both extremely hard to hear and the person your talking to can barely hear you. Please tell me that the new one can fix these issues and add the exciting new features. Just waiting for the realease, wondering if maybe it's going to be delayed? I just hope not all togther cancelled.

Submitted by Ken Little on

Is it for sale yet? We want one badly!

Submitted by CHRIS F on

Will the new Ooma HD2 Handset be included as one of the complimentary gift choices when an annual Premier Service is purchased? If so, when would that option start?
THANK YOU for an awesome service thusfar....
I'm a new and VERY satified customer! :-)

Submitted by Phil on

I plugged my Ooma Teleo into an AT&T 2-line corded base station with 5 cordless phones around the house. Works GREAT! I instantly had 6 locations with Ooma access via my existing cordless system. I also have a Plantronics headset connected to the base station phone which I use for business calls. Ooma is now on line 1, and my landline is on line 2 for now, but I plan on ditching the landline since this is working so well.

Submitted by David on

Is it here yet?

Submitted by L Lavin on

The release can't be too soon for me. My first Ooma Telo Handset is a disaster. I surely hope this one is much better. My battery drains after about 4 minutes and I'm constantly having to take out and reinsert the battery to make the handset work at all. The Ooma Telo service overall is very good and I'm very pleased except for the function of the handset.

Submitted by Caleb Clauset on

Any update on when in March the HD2 handset will be available?

Submitted by John on

Please Ooma, surprise us with the awesome quality and functionality of the new HD2 handset. I still have two Telo handsets but bought a Panasonic cordless phone system to add to the Ooma so I could get decent battery life, good call quality, logical button layout, ergonomic controls, and pride in manufacturing. Sadly all these things are what the existing Ooma telo handsets lack.

Submitted by steve on

I like the ooma and find it to be an excellent service. Call quality exceeds that of my ATT uverse voip service, and all the extra features are great, especially being able to block telemarketers and "survey" people.

I haven't yet figured out how to block callers that show up without a number. I'd like to see a clickable button next to these callers allowing me to add them to the blacklist.

uverse was charging 30 bucks monthly for 250 minutes, 5 bucks more for unlimited. With coma, I paid upfront for the equipment, use my own phones and have never had a problem. I paid up front for premiere too, and it's worth it. so for a few bucks a month I have the best phone service I've ever had.

Submitted by Phillip on

October now... any update with a release date for the new handset?

Submitted by Arnie Levitan on

Let's hope there will be a trade up program for customers owning original handsets.

Submitted by Yan on

I have a Ooma Telo Platform.

Am I going to be able to use this device(Ooma handset2) with my Ooma Telo?

Submitted by Kelli T on

Do you have the ability to attach a headset? I installed the system, only to find out the phones you currently have do not have the ability to attach a headset.

Submitted by Michael Fleishman on

Ok Ooma, when is the new handset coming out??????? An update would be appreciated (since your last/current handset is crap). Thanks!

Submitted by James Gallo on

I can't wait, I'm sure this handset will exceed my expectations !
If its as good as my Ooma I'll be smiling all the way to the bank.

Submitted by Greg on

The Ooma HD2 Handset will be available in March 2012 at http://www.ooma.com and select retailers with an M.S.R.P of $59.99.


Update: We’re targeting to release the Ooma HD2 Handset in Fall 2012.

Submitted by Nelson on

Just a followup to what is not occurring, to wit: the release of the new Ooma Telo handset. I'm actually starting to feel ripped off. I signed up for the service, and call quality has been abysmal which I feel could possibly be resolved by an updated handset.

I signed up for Premiere, with the expectation that the new handset would be made available as advertised.

I didn't want to buy the old style handset, just to have to upgrade so quickly. I wanted the Second Line feature ("There is no way to access the Instant Second Line unless you use an Ooma Telo Handset."), one reason why I signed up for premiere.

In essence, I've ended up wasting months of paid for service that I have not been able to utilize.

Once I'm in the bail out window, I'm finished with this service. So for me the issue of when the handset is released (if ever) is now a moot point. As it is for a few other people I know that also signed up for Ooma.

To bad, a good premise gone south.

Submitted by matt on

any update on the release date yet?? Been waiting forever and really need additional handsets. While i love the service, this has been very pour planning on ooma by not having enough of the old handsets to sell until the new ones come out.

Submitted by WaJA on

The Handset release date that I received from Ooma, when I was in conversation with them about purchasing the Telo was no later than December 2012.

Submitted by Peter Bernard on

I want one!!

Submitted by Texan on

Ooma is fantastic, however lets hope this newly introduced handset is engineered whereby the phone doesn't de-charge the battery as quickly. The current Ooma Handset's which I bought in December 2011 have a talk-time of maybe at best 35-45 minutes, then the phone is dead. Ooma was gracious enough to replace the batteries in both phones, but the situation still persist.
When I bought the Handsets I fully charged them 24 hours to ensure they would be fully charged before using. Hope the Ooma Engineers have fixed the issue.

Submitted by Greg Welch on

I purchased the Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone Service & DECT 6.0 Cordless VoIP Handset Package from Best Buy on 04/16/2012. I am very happy with my service and support. I am using the wireless option with the Ooma Telo in my router DMZ. So far everything is working fine. Except my microware interferes with the wireless connection. No fault of Ooma. I rarely use the microwave when I am on the phone. The Ooma handset is very stylish and I like the features. I wish it had more. The sound quality is not as good as my Panasonic cordless phones. The top row of buttons are not very responsive. I have to press them multiple times to make selections. The middle button is located very close to the center button. This new handset looks great. It would be nice to get a tradeup value for the other handset. I really only need one. I am glad to see the lower price on the new handset. I am really happy with my purchase and look forward to years of use and service. Great user forum!

Thanks For The Great Cost Of A Good Service!

OOMA is the best thing that ever happend to phone service we are saving almost $5000. per year at home at work. amazing. the new phone will just be another feather in the cap of you guys. great work. just call us anytime to verify our excitement with ooma

Submitted by camel on

I've been waiting for about three years for a new version of the telo handset. I'm pumped that I checked your website before purchasing today. Please email this kind of hoopla to your customers!

Submitted by Eric on

Seems most people problems with Ooma is their router and not Ooma, Their is a simple fix for this and that is get a giga bit router that can handle high data traffic and plug everything into the router and not into Ooma and that will fix 99 percent of your problems. and don't expect to get top quality sound with low bandwidth.

Submitted by Laurie on

You need to start making a list to send all premiere account holders emails to advise them that the new handsets are in. I need one as I never did get one with my initial order. PLEASE as this would add kudos to your customer service.

Submitted by Joshua Spence on

May we please have an update as to when we can order these units, I cannot find any of the old units and the call quality is very bad most likely due to the phones being used (silly eco mode phones) and I would like to purchase the phones that are supposed to go with this unit.

Thank you.

Submitted by Mike on

Include bluetooth with the new HD2 Handset and I am all over it!

Submitted by Conrad on

@Sharon, not to sound mean but...it is true what others have said about your issue...I don't think it is an Ooma issue rather than a lack of understanding the technology. You really lost me on the printer thing as well.
I have had 2 Ooma systems ( one for my home business and one for personal) for about 5 years and no issues.
I have DSL, Netgear wireless router and a ton of computers,sonos system, 2 wireless printers, networked TV and DVD players all sharing the same DSL line.

Buy a quality router as it will help you not only with low banwidth issues now but in the future as well

Ooma is a device that taps into your network, like a printer. It doesn't have anything to do with communicating with other devices on your network. As far as having your cell phone ring, that is like call forwarding , which is easily done from your Ooma desktop.( It takes about 15 seconds to set up).

Go back and read the directions as ooma is a good product as I have helped set up quite a few people that are very happy with the service.
Good Luck!

Submitted by Mark Nemhauser on

I am still waiting for the "NEW" Telo handset to be released. Any timeline yet?

Submitted by Michael on

I love my service and wouldn't trade it for anything. Any of idea when this handset will be released. Really excited to use this instead of a standard cordless phone.

Submitted by Ganesh on

Would you be bringing SMS facility to Ooma handset? That will be awesome and virtually an excellent replacement of cell phone in home.

Submitted by RW on

Ooops! Missed the March 2012 date. Gotta come up with a new date now:)

Submitted by Ron on

Ooma, How about an update on the new HD2 handset. Does this mean you are also updating the BASE units as well ?????????? Your LOYAL customers want to know.

Submitted by gmooma on

Why not tether telo to a tablet and offer video chat calling over bluetooth and wifi?

IMO, tablet apps should be developed to subsitute for the telo handset. OOMA hasn't proven they can develop good handset hardware, however they can make good software to boost value added applications to differentiate btw OOMA and the competition! Many people who are frugal enough to have OOMA are also gong to have a tablet vs an expensive cell phone data plan, this is a natural combination OOMA is neglecting to leverage in a way frugal consumers would like. Also, don't charge extra for the OOMA mobile app & minutes, just come up with a sensible monthly allowance for basic and premier plans and go with it (recommend virtually unlimited for premier..--part of your 5k/mo).

Submitted by Kevin on

Any idea when the new Ooma HD2 Handset will be available?

Submitted by skip on

I don't see mention of a headset jack on the new handset. I sure hope that basic feature will be included.

Submitted by David on

"The Ooma HD2 Handset will be available in March 2012" <- We are in April now, any word on availability?

Submitted by Jim on

I use the Uniden DECT 6.0 handset, which works well with my Ooma Telo, but to get the messaging system to work; I am still waiting for the HD 2.
Ooma service is what the world has been waiting for, since Graham Bell in the 19th century, or what Google is to the Internet service.
Thank you Ooma, for this freedom enhancing service! Jim of Yelapa

Submitted by Chris Stasinski on

I hope the design was improved greatly from the last handset. As much as I love Ooma, the original handset was "lacking" to say the least. It was so bad after about 3 months, I stopped using it altogether. Terrible battery life, uncomfortable sharp edges, cumbersome GUI, bad range....

Submitted by Becky on

I went to order the new HD handsets today and was told they are not available yet even though my product page states I could just "click here" to purchase. I was told to wait until the handset was available on the website www.ooma.com or to check back with sales chat. It already says available on the website. Not a happy customer.

Submitted by Sean on

Is it true that the HD2 hansets will make any original telo handsets incompatible with each other?

Submitted by Bob on

Sharon, you haven't read the FAQs or instructions very well. You don't need any adapter to get Ooma to ring your cell phone; just configure forwarding to ring the cellphone simultaneously.

Ooma also explains in its FAQs that you can, indeed attach multiple devices to the single USB port by using a USB hub, which are inexpensive and widely available.

It's also hard to understand why you'd try to run a wireless printer via Ooma. What's wrong with your wireless router?



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