Meet Ooma Phone Genie LTE.

Ooma Phone Genie LTE is a home phone service that uses an advanced LTE network, so it works even if there’s a power outage. Perfect for remote locations or places with extreme weather.


Affordable home phone service

Includes unlimited nationwide calling, voicemail, caller-ID, call-waiting and 911 calling. No contract required.

Nationwide wireless coverage on LTE advanced network

Ooma Phone Genie LTE works almost everywhere. Click the button below to check coverage in your area.


Home Phone 911: Save time in an emergency

Location-specific 911 automatically transmits your home address so that emergency services can quickly locate you.

Save money on home phone service.

Unlimited nationwide calling and low international rates.
Includes voicemail, caller-ID, call-waiting, and 911 calling with text alerts.
PureVoice technology ensures fewer dropped calls and crystal-clear performance.
Keep your current number for a one-time fee or pick a new one at no charge.

Includes 4G LTE Adapter.

The 4G LTE Adapter connects you to a nationwide 4G LTE wireless network, allowing you to have very reliable phone service, even in remote locations. It’s an affordable alternative to your traditional landline.

Add premium service for dozens of advanced features:

Block robocallers, telemarketers, political calls, spam calls, and more with advanced call blocking.
Make or answer two simultaneous calls with the Instant Second Line feature.
Ring your home and mobile phone simultaneously with our Multi-Ring feature.
Get unlimited inbound and outbound calling with the Ooma mobile app.

Ooma Phone Genie LTE Service Plan

$11.99/month plus taxes and fees. Includes unlimited use of the 4G LTE connection for Ooma services.