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Reviews from other customers:

Saving $$ is always good
Richard Clapp on Feb 18, 2019
Good Customer service when needed

Saving money !
Nava on Feb 02, 2019
Ooma Telo helped me to save money. It helps me to black list all unwanted calls. The quality of the calls are clear so far

Love the app!
Katie on Feb 02, 2019
This app has been a great addition to my kid's iPods! I can now get in touch with them easily without having to take the leap and spring for cellphones for them. Anywhere they have WiFi access I can now call them as well!

This works for a low price ...
Robert on Feb 01, 2019
I was afraid to switch over from AT&T since i had it for over 40yrs. But they kept raising there prices for just basic phone with no long distance which i paid $49 a month for. But as i looked into voip phones i came across this Ooma Telo Air at Costco and decided it was time to switch over. Im so glad that i did and so is the wife. Our monthly bill is $5.69 now and we have so much more options that came with it also.

Easy to switch...
Michael on Jan 30, 2019
It was very easy to switch my Comcast/Xfinity phone service to Ooma. And setting up the Telo was super easy. I got the bundle from Costco that includes a handset, and that made it even easier to get up and running. And now I only pay about $4/mo which is great!

Just works!
Mikey on Jan 29, 2019
My internet/TV/phone provider rates were going through the roof. One of the ways we found to save some money was to drop our landline. But we like having a landline separate from cellphones due to sometimes poor reception. We did lots of research and landed on Ooma. It had great reviews, and since Costco carries it, we knew it was likely a reputable product. So - we pulled the trigger and bought one. Installation was quick and easy. Since things worked well, we ported our former landline number to Ooma. Which, despite the warnings that it may take 4-6 weeks, was done in only a few days. Love the online control panel to adjust features! Especially like the in-built spam call blocking and ability to blacklist specific numbers. We also discovered the whitelisting ability when a work-related notification call didn't come through - and after updating the list - now they do! Our spam calls have dropped to virtually nil. Really no complaints at all - simple, easy, inexpensive - it just works!

Ooma has surpassed all expections , I am totally satisfied!!!
Talmadge Penland on Jan 28, 2019
I wish I had found about Ooma sooner, it was a easy transition. Communication and service were excellent.

Cheap phone great service
Mark Broyhill on Jan 27, 2019
Cheap phone great service. I pay $5.14 a month for my service with all the great features. I just wish I knew about this a few years ago.

So far SO GOOD
Frank Stone on Jan 23, 2019
After one month I am extremely happy that I chose to switch to Ooma

John Ward on Jan 23, 2019
After paying $50 for my last vonage bill I thought it time for a change,had been a customer for 9 years price has went up and quality of calls were terrible. Had been looking at Ooma Telo for about 6 months when I found it on the clearance shelf at Walmart for $50. Had it installed in less than 30 minutes and sounds great. I had my old number ported to this phone and only took 5 days with no problem. As of today I am very pleased with my decision and savings.