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Reviews from other customers:

Works great, sound quality is awsome. 1741
DAYTON JONES on Oct 17, 2018
Good experience with OOma.

So far, so good 1737
Tom Tanguay on Oct 16, 2018
Voice quality is great. Have not renewed special features as want to keep costs down. We’ll see how it goes from here.

Love It 1735
mary hyslop on Oct 16, 2018
Easy installation. Good call quality. Works exactly as advertised. FREE CALLS !! + tax

Would recommend to a friend 1733
JH on Oct 15, 2018
I’ve tried VOIP phones in the past and was always disappointed in the call quality. Not so with Ooma. The call quality has been very good. We’ve only had the service for 60 days but so far I’m very pleased.

Great 1732
ANNETTE ERICKSON on Oct 14, 2018
I've used Ooma for several years in the past and have again signed up with them. Great service at the right price.

Excellent Choice for Replacing Home Telephone Service 1731
David Nowery on Oct 14, 2018
I am pleased with my purchase and decision to replace my home telephone service with Ooma. I considered simply cancelling my home service entirely and just having cell phone service. I have had my home number so many years and the number is well known by family and friends. I purchased my Ooma phone some time ago but never hooked it up. After finally doing so, I decided it was worth a try to replace my home phone service from Cincinnati Bell. I should have done so long ago. The service and call quality is very good and the price is excellent.

Mr. 1725
John Mariano on Oct 13, 2018
Great service and varied products

good buy 1724
Linda Sue on Oct 13, 2018
I love not having all those scam calls on the old phone number! and the service is generally good although there is sometimes an echo.

Love Love Love Ooma 1723
Ronald L. Vinal on Oct 13, 2018
As seniors we are definitely on a tight budget. This gave us availability to phone at a price we love. we were really surprised at the quality of the phone service. We are not much on using the telephone but when we do it is nice to know we will be able to hear and understand who is on the other end. I only hope that it will remain this clear and still have voice mail once the trail offer of premiere is over. Thank-you Ooma.

whole package 1721
I really like everything about ooma.