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Awesome phone service option!! 656
debra moyer on Jun 22, 2018
I am loving the Ooma Telo service!! So easy to install and I have had no issues with this system and my telephone service is just as it was before we switched to the Ooma System. But best of all my monthly bill is SOOO LOW!! Thank You Ooma!!

Working pretty well- great price 655
Elaine Moore on Jun 22, 2018
My complaint is when I listen to voice messages the directions to listen to messages is always repeated. I follow the first instruction of tapping one and then the instructions are repeated a second time. The other annoying thing is I often have to say "hello" twice. That is something that just started in the past week.

Good Choice! 654
Judy McAbee on Jun 21, 2018
I’m really pleased with the Ooma Telo. It was not too difficult to set up and it’s working very nicely. I would highly recommend.

Ooma base and service have been good. Phone handset, sometimes sold separately, to be avoided. 650
The call quality has been good. Setup was easy, the base looks good and doesn't take up too much space. I bought this as a replacement for cable phone service, and it has served well at a good price. I purchased the Telo as a set with an Ooma handset, which I would return separately if I could. The call quality is poor (can't hear the other person), it has no volume controls and the menu selectors are clumsy. I use a handset I already owned.

Mr. 646
Hope Hill on Jun 19, 2018
Ooma is working great for us!

A great consumer chioce 645
James Shearer on Jun 18, 2018
I get solid telecommunications and was easy to set up. This saves so much money compared to a traditional LAN line fees.

Trustee 644
We love the Ooma Telo system. Only complaint we have is that our fire and burglar alarm system was not compatible with Ooma Telo, so we had to spend $150.00 to put in new hardware to bypass it.

Testing Ooma with HD3 handset 641
Huel Young on Jun 18, 2018
They digital handset, the HD3, has apparently died, but they wired phone still works nicely. I will continue trying to get the digital phone to reconnect, but have tried many many times with no success.

So Far So Good 639
Hector Sotolongo on Jun 16, 2018
Technically the service is working well. Call quality is good. One little glitch that we have detected is that on receiving calls the first hello does not go through and you have to repeat the hello to be heard. The other complaint I have is on the porting charge where I was over-charge by about $6. Other than that we are very happy with the service.

Edgar 637
Edgar Lopez on Jun 16, 2018
Great alternative and very affordable. Straight forward pricing and service.


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