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This number is no longer available 250
Debra B on Feb 01, 2018
I love the feature of picking what message the blacklist numbers get when they call. We had many calls from telemarketers that we have asked not to call us but they continued to call...mostly at dinnertime, early morning or even very late in the evening. After putting them on the blacklist with the message that the number was no longer in service the calls dwindled significantly. It hasn't stopped them completely because of their use of different numbers but I can now get through a meal without a call.

Ooma- the best home phone ever 249
Vihar P on Feb 01, 2018
This is the story of best home phone in Canada. The story of most affordable long distance, the story of most amazing features, the story of connecting family.

Savings all the way 248
Jim C on Feb 01, 2018
I'm on my second Ooma. One used for the past two years at our cabin, the second we're setting up to replace the POTS line at home. With our high speed Internet at both places this is a no brainer, and who doesn't like upsetting Ma Bell?

I love the features and the savings 247
Kenneth P. on Feb 01, 2018
I really love the features such as the call logs, voice mail, and the ability to block calls. The savings over these past years has been significant -we all like to save money and this is a great way to do that.

My top reason for choosing Ooma 246
Robert Rayner on Feb 01, 2018
Number one is the cost savings over the big telecom companies. A very close second is choosing the numbers that I want to block!

Don't be skeptical! Get Ooma! 245
Jay Kauffman on Feb 01, 2018
What I love the most is the savings I've been getting for the last couple of years. I was considering eliminating my land line due to the cost, but Ooma has allowed me to keep it for a very reasonable cost. I was a little skeptical at first, but it works great and I've never had any issues with the unit or service.

Ooma Savings! 244
Aaliyah Sylvester on Feb 01, 2018
Who else can say they've saved close to $1000 on their phone bill? Not many. But I can, since switching to Ooma 3 years ago.

Should have made the switch earlier 243
Tom Steele on Feb 01, 2018
I have had Ooma for about 3 years. I estimate it is saving me at least $40/mo! The call clarity, ease of setup, ease of use, etc are excellent. I wish I had done this 5 years sooner!

Cord-Cutting Made Easy 242
Mike on Feb 01, 2018
Ooma made the cord-cutting decision easier by giving us an inexpensive option to keep our home telephone number. Plus, I love the control!

Essentially Free 1
Toby O. on Dec 21, 2017
Many years ago I was being ripped off by my local phone company. After being charged for every little function of my phone I decided to switch to a new company called Vonage. At the time it was a substantial saving to the service that I had. Then, they decided that they were going to jack up the prices. Well at this point it was time to find a new service. I saw an ad for Ooma on the internet and I did a lot of research. Could this service be as good as it sounded? Well I bit the bullet and purchased my first Ooma back in 2001 and I haven't looked back since. The service is great! The voice quality is great, the features are great and all I pay is the taxes! It is a decision that I have never regretted and I tell everyone how much money I have saved. Thank you Ooma!


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