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A great way to make phone call and save money! 436
Ky Eng on Apr 24, 2018
I want to get rid of my line line and still keep keep my old phone number, the OOma Telo is the answer. as far as the quality of the phone call, there's seems to be a slight delay for outgoing and incoming calls. Other than that, it's been working out okay so far.

retired 434
Bobby Biggers on Apr 24, 2018
very good so far

OOMA Telo 433
Dolores Beach on Apr 23, 2018
We're all very pleased with our new OOMA. We're pleased with the sound quality, with the blacklist feature, and with the low price. We're very happy with our decision to move to OOMA.

Love OOMA 432
Rich Martin on Apr 22, 2018
I love Oma because of the ease of the set up the quality of the product in the price per month

Refer to friends program 431
Ping Wang on Apr 22, 2018
The features and price are good. About the refer to friends program, I was refereed by my friend. But i didn't get $20. I wrote email to customer service representative, but there is no one want to resole this issue.

Love it! 430
Sheryl Sylvester on Apr 22, 2018
I'm one who still wants to have a home phone. Too many people have my number to change it however I needed to find a economical way to continue having a phone. Ooma allowed me to do this with reasonable pricing and with features of that you would find with any other phone service. This can't be beat. The quality of sound is great. If your wondering about changing to Ooma I say go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

great savings 429
Susan Gauerke on Apr 22, 2018
Great savings for a phone service that competes well with standard land lines. There is some echo feed back at times but so far have had no problems. Good product so far -only had a month.

Outstanding company 428
Cheryl on Apr 22, 2018
I have been lucky enough to have Ooma telo for over a year, and my bill has been the same,extremely low,price every month. Just the tax. I call my family in NY and stay on the phone for hours a month, same low amount every month. The serve is excellentt. Not a bit of static, clear as the same landline I was paying Almost $50 a month for. Your a very welcome gift Ooma. Grateful for the day I took the chance on something to good to be true.

Meets the expectation 427
Mikhail Utin on Apr 22, 2018
Easy to install, really easy. Easy to activate. No problems but works as expected. There is only one issue. If a caller leaves a message or listens for our greeting, there is dial tone "beep" loudly for a few seconds. A sort of disturbing but my friend using Ooma a couple years has the same. Almost free phone means some extras ...

Ooma telo 426
Joseph Zimmerman on Apr 21, 2018
The whole process from buying the Ooma and setting it up was easy,great customer service


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