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Dan Price on Dec 12, 2018
I had heard about Ooma from a very good friend, who had put her elderly mother on your service. After thinking it over for more than a month, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge. To this date, I've been very happy with Ooma 's Service. After just a couple issues early in the set-up process, everything has been fine, and the price great. I would definately suggest Ooma to my friends.

Excellent Ooma
Donald Grube on Dec 12, 2018
My new totally digital phone has completely fooled my older, analog sister. I hooked it up to her analog phone and I’m sure she imagines the service is coming from the telephone wires she sees overhead as she walks the streets. But Ooma and my secret is that the service is now coming to us on a 1 gigabyte underground fiber optic system offered by a local internet company that piggybacks well with you. Thanks again, Ooma. You’re one slick company!

It just works. Bye bye POTS!
Abdon Manaloto on Dec 12, 2018
I have been using Ooma for about a month and the service is excellent. I gave it a few weeks, and I decided to cut the cord from my POTS.

Shelden Wilson on Dec 10, 2018
Call quality is excellent. Being able to listen to voicemail on mobile devices, excellent. An easy app that you can monitor your phone, excellent. And lastly, paying just taxes and fees, excellent!

Sweet and Simple
Michael Abbott on Dec 10, 2018
I purchased the OOMA Telo to replace AT&T services that seemed to get more expensive for less functionality. The installation was easy as I'm a network professional and do this for a living. The instructions were clear and concise and large enough to read even for my old eyes. After setting up the box and connecting to my iISP modem(AT&T) the unit took about 5 minutes to boot up and acquire the home servers. I went to my workstation and set up my account with the registration number from the Telo. I picked the two numbers I wanted to use and waited for the OOMA Telo to complete it's setup and registration. The end game here was to replace AT&T as soon as possible so I also initiated the porting of my number off of AT&T and onto OOMA. The porting process was easy and completed in a week and the service has been fantastic since switching it over. The feature set is a lot larger than anything AT&T offers and the voice quality is outstanding. After porting my number was complete I switched to Spectrum for my ISP with a 30X5 link. The total cost of monthly recurring charges for the link and OOMA is$24.49. I haven't had an under $25 phone bill since the 70s. I also opted for the premium service to keep all of the feature set in place after the trial including two numbers. Overall I'm extremely impressed with the service and will recommend it to others..

Ooma setup
ROBERT BARKER on Dec 08, 2018
A little bit of hassel but the job got done and amejoying the service.

Richard T Perez on Dec 07, 2018
I heard a lot about Ooma from a family member and finally decided to try it. I'm very satisfied so far. Voice clarity is no different than a land line without the monthly phone bill. You save big time right there. I was able to sync my android contact list straight over to my Ooma. Every contact in my android has the person's picture so now when I get a call on my Ooma I see my contact picture as well, which is very cool. (of course you need to use the HD3 handset which is worth the additional cost) Haven't had it that long so I'm still getting familiar with the features. I like the caller ID and voicemail which you get at no additional charge. I wish the caller ID number also came with who exactly is calling, that's an extra charge. If you do opt for the HD3 cordless handset it also doubles as an in house intercom. I can now intercom from my work shed way out back to the house main HD3 handset. That is very convenient. free long distance and voicemail completes the package for me, all at no additional cost. I say if your paying big bucks for high speed internet access why not use a portion of that bandwith for your telephone and stop paying your phone company. Additionally if you pay your cable company for your phone then their doing that already and charging you for it. If your thinking about VOIP (voice over IP(internet) ) then it would behoove you to look into Ooma.

Good Tool For Cutting The Cord
James Hill on Dec 07, 2018
I had been a long time customer of a Plain Ol Telephone System (POTS) provider since 1999. Customer service tried, but was always 3 or 4 steps behind the sales and marketing. Over promising on service availability, over selling capacity, and deteriorating quality of service finally pushed me to an alternative internet provider (wireless). The final cord, my phone system, was over priced, noisy, and lacked the ready convenience of a modern PC application. I had been thinking about Ooma for a long time. I wish I had made the switch years ago. The ease of setup and porting of the old number was a pleasant surprise. But the real shock has been the quality of service. It's MUCH clearer than the land line ever was. Even when it rings through to my cell phone. I'm not sure how that works, if it's coming all the way through to my Ooma Telo and then back out or if it is just going through the POTS switching in town, but it is remarkably clear. And even with a wireless connection going through to my cell, there is no noticeable lag on continental US long distance. The only problem I've experienced is to Alaska and that may be a problem with the infrastructure. Overall, Ooma has been one of the better communications investments I've made in the past two decades.

Happy with Ooma ... a good alternative to landline
William Aldrich on Dec 07, 2018
I have used the Ooma s/w and h/w for five years or more. Previously, I used the bundled package from my ISP (video, audio, tele). I found Ooma to be much better for its quality, features, and price. Plus, customer service seemed much better than the other phone svc vendors, IMHO.

Call quality isn't the best
Gilbert E Theissen on Dec 06, 2018
I can't complain about the price or the features but the call quality is not what I'd call "crystal clear". There's often an echo and I almost never have full duplex (where both parties can hear and speak at the same time) call quality. I suppose I can live with the sub-par quality given the money I'll be saving but I sure wish I could have the great sound of my old analog ATT phone line again