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Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Many Ooma Telo users are interested in our powerful call blocking features - and for good reason. Anonymous calls, or numbers without caller ID, aren't just annoying, some of these callers are up to no good. Thankfully, Ooma Telo has got you covered.  To set up anonymous call blocking, follow these steps:  Log into your account on My Ooma and visit the Call Blocking section under the Preferences tab.  Select the anony [...]

  2. Although unlimited calling is free with Ooma Telo, users are required to pay monthly taxes and fees. Why?  Telecommunication is a highly regulated industry and subject to many laws, regulations and taxes at the city, county, state, province and federal levels. As a result, Ooma charges applicable taxes and fees so that we as a company comply with laws and regulations mandated by the government. These taxes and fees are split into the follow [...]

  3. Ooma Telo is a device that provides free and low-cost home phone service as well as smart home security using your high-speed internet. With your Ooma Telo, you can get advanced calling features and as well as connected home services that aren't offered by traditional landlines. To get started, all you need is: A one-time purchase of an Ooma Telo A high-speed internet connection A desire to save money With Ooma, your Telo r [...]

  4. Yes, Ooma home phone service provides 911 calling. When you activate your Ooma Telo device, you must provide a valid address within the country of purchase (either the U.S. or Canada). This address is filed as your service address. When you dial 911, your service address is forwarded to local emergency response personnel so that they can quickly locate you. It is very important to keep your service address up to date so that emergency personnel c [...]

  5. There are several options when it comes to Ooma phone numbers. When you register your Ooma Telo online, you have the option to pick any new phone number in almost any U.S. area code. If you prefer to keep your current phone number, do not disconnect to your current phone service. Select a new temporary number for your Ooma service, then submit a request to Ooma to port your current number to your Ooma Telo. Porting your existing number [...]

  6. Ooma uses proprietary PureVoice HD technology to give you the crystal clear calling and excellent voice quality. In addition, the Ooma Telo is not just another phone, it’s an intelligent platform that enables an entire suite of services to your home, including: Powerful call blocking Nationwide calling, voicemail, call-waiting and 911 service Optional Premier service with advanced features including the most comprehensive blackli [...]

  7. Ooma's fair use policy is 5,000 minutes per month for outbound calling, which is more than 80 hours of total talk time. This is enforced on a case-by-case basis in the event that the subscriber is clearly abusing the Ooma service (i.e. call centers, commercial purposes, etc.)   The best part? You can enjoy the flexibility of Ooma Telo plans with no annual contract, it’s easy to set up and you can call anyone, anywhere in the U.S. [...]



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