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Senior Demand Generation Manager

Job Title: Senior Demand Generation Manager
FLSA Classification: Exempt
Department: Marketing
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Reports to: Ken Narita

This role will be the backbone to develop, execute and analyze an array of demand generation programs. It’s an exciting opportunity to collaborate with world-class marketers to rollout programs that ultimately drive revenue. The cross-section of programs will run the gamut between online and offline; prospect and customer; net new and existing leads.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

To be successful in this role, the Senior Manager or Director will need to be:

  • Proactive in their approach; leaving no stone unturned to be considered
  • Thorough in their thinking; considering the impact of every event – e.g. when a lead enters the system, how it progresses, etc.
  • Empathetic in understanding the needs of our prospect audiences
  • Detailed in planning and review documents to cover the aspects that matter most
  • Responsive in a fast-paced environment to internal communications and to pivot programs when needed.


  • Lead B2B programs within a demand waterfall. With a thorough understanding of MQLs and managing to funnel conversions, this role in any program executed will need to plan and analyze from that construct.
  • Own online marketing. The breadth could include display, web/dot com, third party programs, CPL/PPL programs, contextual… the key will be to have the passion and the experience of developing plans to launch new programs, in other cases work with existing agencies/partners to execute, and in all cases, manage all aspects of them to drive revenue.
  • Improve web conversions. With ooma.com being a key tactic to convert demand, you’ll run point to develop the content strategy that increases conversions at typical transaction points like web forms, contact forms, live chat, demo requests and more.
  • Market to existing customers to drive referrals. The key in our situation is to understand how such programs impacts other programs and how each can leverage each other to be more successful.
  • Have implemented traditional marketing tactics. We believe in integrated marketing and so all tactics including DM, print, sales drop programs, etc. need to be considered into the mix.
  • Collaborate on field marketing programs. Velocity is key here to proactively plan pre-event, at-event, and post-event activities to squeeze the most juice out of any event or association sponsorship.
  • Consistently report/analyze results. Having a keen sense for data and have actively worked in systems like SFDC and Marketo will drive our results even higher.

In summary, you’ll work with work with cross-functional teams to meet and exceed OKRs and be a key contributor to define and manage budgets. Measuring, analyzing and reporting on the impact of demand gen on sales pipeline revenue (marketing sourced and influenced) is part and parcel with the role and should not be a surprise to you. You’ll partner with Digital, PR, Customer Marketing teams to drive success. If you crave high velocity, if rolling up your sleeves is how you wake up, then this is the role for you.

Required Experience & Qualifications:

  • Minimum 7 years of experience in B2B marketing strategy and execution
  • 4+ years of experience in Marketing operations, Field Marketing, Demand Generation
  • The ideal candidate will have a fundamental understanding of how to market to small businesses
  • Ability to define strategies based on goals & data, and translate into actionable test & implementation plans.
  • Strategic knowledge of marketing tools such as Marketo, Ringlead, Tableau.
  • Results Oriented: Passion and drive to dramatically grow business results.
  • Innovative: Thinks out of the box and generates new ideas to push the bounds of marketing.
  • Analytical: Solid analytical, “test & learn” mindset and continually assesses KPIs to monitor business performance.

To apply, please submit your resume electronically to careers@ooma.com.

(We will accept your resume in either one of the following formats: RTF, DOC, PDF, TXT)

Ooma™ is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.

Thank you!

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