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What do the different LED colors on Ooma Butterfleye mean?

There are many LED colors on your Ooma Butterfleye that will indicate several different things about your camera. Here is a list of those different LED colors and what they mean: 

  • Blue blinking: Video is recording.
  • Blue solid: The "find and identify" button is being pressed on the app. It also indicates that the camera is unpaired. 
  • Green 3X blink: Camera is turning on. 
  • Red 3X blink: Camera is turning off. 
  • Red blink, continuous: Battery is 20% or lower.
  • Red solid: There is an error. 
  • Amber blink, continuous: The internet is not available. 
  • Amber 3X blink: Camera was plugged in (only when camera is on). 
  • Purple blink, continuous: An upgrade is in progress. 

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