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Ooma Butterfleye
Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Ooma Butterfleye is an intelligent, wireless camera designed for home and office monitoring. The camera is part of the larger Ooma Home Security suite of products and includes several smart home security features:  A 24/7 livestream that you can access from anywhere in the world. Works during internet and power outages with built-in storage and battery backup. Automatic arming and disarming (Premium feature [...]

  2. Unfortunately not. Ooma Butterfleye is an indoor camera.  [...]

  3. Yes. In fact, cloud storage is one of the most popular reasons why people are making the switch to Ooma Butterfleye.  1. Every camera comes with 7 days of fre cloud storage.   2. The Home Secure Plan comes with 30 days of unlimited storage on the cloud for $9.99/month per account (your price will not change as you add more cameras to the same account).  3. The Business Secure Plan comes with 90 days of u [...]

  4. Yes. With Ooma Butterfleye you can use the same login credentials to connect to multiple mobile devices (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.), but not at the same time.  [...]

  5. Controlling your home security camera from your smartphone is convenient and easy-to-use, and undoubtedly one of the biggest perks of Ooma Butterfleye. There are several great features you can access with your mobile phone through the Ooma Home Security app, including:  24/7 live-streaming audio and video from anywhere in the world.  Timeline history, and the ability to go back as far as 90 days (depending on your subscription plan) [...]

  6. Ooma Butterfleye automatically uploads videos to the cloud, and then these videos are viewed through the Ooma Butterfletye app. Additionally, if you are a Ooma Home Security customer, you may access the videos through the Ooma Home Security mobile app.    [...]

  7. The Ooma Butterfleye cameras require a minimum upload speed of 1mbps per camera.  For example, you will need a minimum of 3mbps of upload speed on your wireless network to support 3 Ooma Butterfleye cameras in your home.  [...]

  8. The Ooma Butterfleye engineering team releases new software updates from time to time. These updates are always free and you are alerted on your smartphone.  To update your camera software, simply press the "camera software up to date" button located in the camera detail page (the "gear" icon on the top right corner of the app).  Note: If the "camera software button up to date" button is grayed out, your [...]

  9. The process for updating the Ooma Butterfleye app is simple. Follow the instructions below:  For iOS users: Open the iTunes store, search for "Butterfleye," go to the Ooma Butterfleye page, then hit "Update."  For Android users: Go to the Google Play store, search for "Butterfleye," go to the Ooma Butterfleye page, then hit "Update."    [...]

  10. Yes, there is a mount adapter available for purchase on the Ooma Butterfleye website: The mount adapter magnetically attaches to any Ooma Butterfleye camera. The adapter can also be flat-mounted against a wall with included screws. The adapter also features a tripod screw thread on the bottom for attachment to any commonly available security camera mount (sold separately and required for usage if not flat-mounted). You can find out more ab [...]


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