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Telephone calls remain critical to selling houses, so for real estate agents, having an effective and efficient phone system is an important part of a successful business. Advanced telephone systems like Ooma’s offer rates that are lower than traditional phone plans while also adding features like a virtual receptionist, remote access via a mobile app, a toll-free phone number and more.

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Ooma Makes Your Real Estate Company Look Good

Even if your real estate agency is still small, having a professional image is critical.

Ooma Office includes big-business features that will make all your client communications look and sound top of the line. Features include a virtual receptionist to greet customers and direct calls. The phone system offers extension dialing and call transferring. Ring groups and multi-ring features can also be customized so you can be sure that a phone call will never go unanswered. In addition, the HD Voice technology brings an unprecedented level of realism to its high-quality audio. There is music on hold for when people wait, and there is a conference bridge for meetings. The phone system has an emergency 911 service, virtual fax, call logs and more. There is even a toll-free telephone number included with Ooma Office.

These features would cost a great deal if you purchased them individually or through a traditional phone provider, but they’re all included with your Ooma Office account. Our customers tell us that Ooma Office helps them to make an ideal first impression, and the professional features help their businesses sound bigger than a startup.

Remote Access to Desk Phones

Real estate agents need to be constantly available by phone, but they can’t be tied to their desks.

In today’s real estate business, traditional office phones are an outdated approach that does not accommodate today’s mobile workforce. Using cell phone lines for real estate business is also limiting because office calls can’t be transferred to a cell phone, and shifting between two phone numbers and two voicemail boxes is complicated for both staff and clients.

With the Ooma Office mobile app, you get the benefits of an enterprise-level phone system while also having the mobility of cell phones. Using the app, agents can make and receive cell phone calls as though they were in the office — the phone number will always show your office line, which keeps a consistent and professional appearance. Additionally, calls made to the business’ main line can be transferred to an agent’s line, which will ring both her desk phone and her cell phone via the mobile app, providing a seamless mobile integration.

The app provides the location flexibility that is necessary in today’s real estate business. It keeps communications streamlined so you’ll always be talking with your contacts and clients from a single phone number. And you’ll never miss a voicemail because you can check your box through the app. Ooma even offers voicemail-to-email forwarding so you can easily access your messages.

A Phone System That Does More and Costs Less

We know how important it is for businesses to keep operating costs low, and the Ooma Office telephone system is an affordable solution. By using an advanced technology called VoIP (or voice over IP), telephone audio is transmitted via the Internet rather than through telephone wires or cell phone towers. This technology costs less than traditional phone systems, and we pass along those savings to our customers.

If you’re just starting with Ooma Office, there is a one-time hardware cost of $199.99 (now with a $50 discount off the regular price). This includes one base station and two Ooma Linx wireless phone extensions.

Monthly costs are just $19.95 for each user. Included with your service is unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada. If you’re calling internationally, Ooma has much lower rates than traditional phone systems.

Ooma Office phone systems are scalable. We support up to 20 users per account, and you can add them à la carte as you grow. On average, our customers report that their savings after switching to Ooma Office were $1,862 in the first year and $6,185 after three years.

Our customers also report that setting up the Ooma Office phone system was easy. Its wireless setup means you don’t need to hire a technician to drill into walls and hardwire cables. Also, customers say they are able to set up the system quickly and easily without the help of an IT consultant. And if you run into problems at any time, Ooma offers 24-hour customer support.

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Enterprise-grade phone service built for real estate companies

Calling Features

  • Unlimited calling in U.S. and Canada
  • Low international rates
  • Caller-ID and name
  • 911 service
  • FREE number transfer
  • Toll-free numbers available


  • Easy installation
  • Wireless phone extensions
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Option to use select IP Phones
  • Web Admin Portal
  • Analog phone support

Office Features

  • Virtual receptionist
  • Extension dialing
  • Voicemail
  • Call transfer
  • Call log
  • Modes for business and after hours
  • Ring groups
  • Music on hold
  • Conference bridge
  • Virtual Fax
  • Extension-to-Extension calling
  • Dial-by-name

Mobility Features

  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail forwarding
  • Multi-ring
  • Virtual extensions
  • Voicemail audio email attachments
  • Smart Phone App: 2-phone-in-1

One-touch IP Phone Features

  • Three way conference
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Blind transfer (1-step transfer)
  • Supervised transfer (2-step transfer)
  • Extension dialing
  • Call on hold
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Upgrade to a smart business phone for only $19.95 per user/mo.