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Getting 1-800 numbers with Ooma Office.

Setting up a 1-800 number with Ooma Office is simple and straightforward.

1. Log into your Ooma Office Manager account and then navigate to “Numbers” under the “Manage” tab. Click “+Add Number” and choose “Add toll-free number.”

2. You will then see a list of available toll-free numbers. After you select the one you like, choose which extension will ring when the number is dialed.

3. Then, click the “Confirm” button to add the number to your Ooma Office account.

Note: You cannot set up Ooma Office with a toll-free number as your primary number. The main number on your Ooma Office account must be a local number.

FAQs:1-800 Numbers with Ooma Office

How Many 1-800 Numbers Can I Get with My Ooma Office account?

You can have up to 20 toll-free numbers with your Ooma Office account. If you would like more than one number for your business, you will need to contact Customer Support to get started.

Can I Assign my 1-800 Number to an Extension?

Yes. Once you have set up your 1-800 number, you can assign it to an extension by selecting an extension type found in our extensions FAQ, and then following the instructions.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a 1-800 Number with Ooma Office?

The first toll-free number you add to your account is free. Each additional toll-free number after your first one costs $9.99/month in the U.S. and CAD $14.95/month in Canada.

Your toll-free number also includes 500 minutes of free inbound calling per month. If you exceed 500 minutes per month, then your account will be charged at 3.4 cents per additional minute.

Are There a Subscription Plans Available for 1-800 Calls?

If your business is planning on receiving a lot of 1-800 calls, you can subscribe to a calling plan to reduce the costs to your business. Here are the two options you have with Ooma Office:

  • 1,000 additional minutes of toll-free calling per month (1,500 minutes total) for $15 per month. Additional minutes are charged at 2.9 cents per minute.

  • 2,500 additional minutes of toll-free calling per month (3,000 minutes total) for $30 per month. Additional minutes are charged at 2.4 cents per minute.

Benefits of 1-800 Numbers

Adding a 1-800 number or toll-free number is one of the first things businesspeople do after starting their company. Here are a few common reasons why:

1. Businesses look more professional and polished: 1-800 numbers add credibility, and serves as a valuable marketing tool. This is one of the main reasons why so many businesses have 1-800 numbers.

2. Customers can contact companies free of charge: Toll-free numbers allow customers and potential customers contact companies free of charge, which shows that they make customer service a priority.

3. 1-800 numbers give companies a national presence: Almost all businesses are looking for ways to grow. With a 1-800 number customers can contact you from anywhere, free of charge. Not only does this make it much easier for customers to get into contact with your company, it establishes a national presence for your brand.

4. It’s affordable and easy to set up: With small business telecom providers like Ooma, it’s very easy to set up and manage a toll-free number. Managers usually only have to follow one or two basic instructions after getting the phone set up completed.

5. It keeps business communications organized: If companies are managing multiple locations or departments, toll-free numbers are an easy way to keep customer communications organized. Using the Virtual Receptionist feature, customers can easily reach the locations or departments they need to speak with quickly.

To learn more about Ooma Office’s add-ons and custom features, check out our list of extended FAQs.

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