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Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Cloud-based phone systems use the internet to connect callers with one another. Using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, telecom providers like Ooma allow business callers to make phone calls from iOS and Android devices using their company’s phone number. As a result, companies get greater flexibility and mobility with their business line that they simply can’t find with traditional business landline phones. Even better [...]

  2. Setting up a 1-800 number with Ooma Office is simple and straightforward. 1. Log into your Ooma Office Manager account and then navigate to “Numbers” under the “Manage” tab. Click “+Add Number” and choose “Add toll-free number.” 2. You will then see a list of available toll-free numbers. After you select the one you like, choose which extension will ring when the number is dialed. 3. Then, cl [...]

  3. Clear and effective communication is a powerful engine that helps to propel your business forward. Whether your company has 2 or 200,000 employees, business phone calls are still an important tool for meetings, deals, projects, sales, and simply getting things done during your work day. The ways that companies communicate have changed drastically over the years. While thousands of businesses have made the switch to a VolP system like Ooma Office [...]

  4. Yes. Nearly all Ooma Office users are able to keep their existing business phone numbers. Phone service providers cannot keep you from porting over your number to another carrier, as it is against updated FCC regulations from September of 2017. In the vast majority of cases, Ooma can port over your existing phone number from your current provider without an issue. In fact, 99.8% of all phone numbers in North America can be ported to Ooma! I [...]

  5. Ooma Office has an intuitive web portal that allows your users to scale as your business grows.  For example, if you had 3 phones in your office and needed to add an additional line for a new hire, you would be able to set up his or her personal extension through their mobile device and download our award-winning mobile app. This would allow your new employee to get up and running straight away and could also be an excellent solution f [...]

  6. Yes. In fact, Ooma offers some of the best rates available for international business dialing. Ooma also offers multiple international calling plans that cater to your international call frequency. Whether you make international calls once a month or every day, there is a plan suited for your business needs. Even more impressive, you can make these international calls from your mobile phone without paying expensive international call ch [...]

  7. With subscription pricing at $19.95 per user per month (which includes a phone extension), a large majority of businesses who switch to Ooma Office save between 40% to 60% compared to their current provider's monthly per line charge. With Ooma Office there are no contracts or long-term commitments, which are typical for most other business phone services. Note: Unlimited calling is included in Ooma Office subscription fee but monthly ta [...]

  8. Ooma Office users can make a conference call by placing the first call on hold, dialing a second number and hitting the conference soft key on the phone (if you already have a second call). You’ll receive a free conference bridge and conference number with each Ooma Office account. Each conference bridge is built with 10 individual rooms and each room can hold 10 callers simultaneously, making calls and meetings easy for small bu [...]

  9. Call Forwarding is an essential feature of any growing business, especially if you are operating with multiple departments or locations. With Ooma Office, you have multiple options regarding Call Forwarding:  1. Simulated Ring Option: You can set up a forwarding number, then have both locations ring when that number is dialed.  2. Single Ring Option: You can also simply have the call forwarded to the number without ringing the f [...]

  10. All you need is an Ooma Office account and a supported iOS or Android device to start making business phone calls from your smartphone.  By using the Ooma Office web portal, you can add your mobile device to your current extension. Go to the iOS or Andoid app store to download the Ooma Office app. Once downloaded, you are ready to start dialing.  Any time you dial out using the mobile app it will show your main business numb [...]


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