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Burglary scouting a home.

Using home security camera footage for insurance claims.

By Ooma Editor|June 27, 2019
Home security footage of a burglary is invaluable, but you can use it to back up your insurance claims. Here’s how.

Homeowner walking into a home.

Top 10 Home Security Myths

By Ooma Editor|June 24, 2019
There are plenty of home security myths out there, and many of them can harm your ability to protect your home. We’ve busted some of those myths.

Person sitting at home office.

Home office safety: How to safeguard your home business.

By Ooma Editor|June 21, 2019
Protecting your home is already a tough challenge, but it’s even more difficult for those of us who run a small business out of our homes. Not only do you have to protect your loved ones and valuables, you have to protect your livelihood. Here’s how to do it.

Woman walking into home.

The 10 best places to put your security cameras.

By Ooma Editor|June 19, 2019
Security cameras are an important part of protecting your home, but successfully using a security camera requires putting it in the right spot. These are the best places to put your camera.

Burglar scouting a home.

8 Common Home Security Mistakes

By Ooma Editor|June 19, 2019
It can be tempting to think you’re safe from burglaries, but common mistakes can actually increase your chances of a break-in. Here’s how to avoid them.

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